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As a blogger, I get quite a few questions about my camera, lens, and how le bf and I shoot outfit photos for Style Blog. So when Canon approached me to become one of theirBlogtography ambassadors, I almost immediately said yes! I’ve been a fan of the brand since 2009 when le bf bought me my first DSLR camera – Canon EOS Rebel XSi, but shamefully, I’ve never really learned to use all of its features, choosing to shoot on Auto instead. Well, after attending my first Canon Blogtography session, I picked up a few beginner photography tips that I can share with you! I am still learning to use my new Canon EOS Rebel SL1 (World’s smallest and lightest DSLR!), so stay tuned for my journey from amateur to…well, a more capable amateur. Because let’s face it…I don’t think I’ll become a pro in the next few months…but I do hope that you’ll be able to notice the difference in the photos you see on this site.

Canon Blogtography Tips:

– Instead of shooting on Auto all the time, try using the Av and Tv functions. Av stands for Aperture Value, and is useful when you have to adjust the depth of field (how much of the background you want blurred out or not at all), while Tv stands for Time Value, and should be used to adjust the shutter speed – the quicker the speed, the sharper the image.

– Think of Aperture and Shutter Speed as balanced variables. If your settings are giving you a good exposure but you want to increase the size of your Aperture by one stop (or click) – you will also need to decrease your shutter speed by one stop to get the same balanced exposure.

– A photo’s exposure determines how light or dark it will appear, and exposure meter setting can help you manually adjust the amount of light you want to see in your photo. I guess technically it’s supposed to let you know whether your photo is under or overexposed, but I think adjusting the light via this little setting has been one of my fave tricks.

– If you are a beginner, don’t worry about ISO! While exposure is composed of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, as long as you know how to adjust the first two, the camera will get the shot on Auto ISO. One less setting to worry about…for now.

– For more tips and tricks on using your Canon camera outside of the Auto setting, check out Canon Outside of Auto – it’s a really cool site where you can actually practice what you learn!

I Wore: Shirt – Topshop; Shorts – Joe Fresh; Sunglasses – H&M; Bag – Tory Burch; Boots – Aldo

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