Spa Centers In Pakistan And Wellness Centers In Pakistan

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Earth has become the busiest planet where its inhabitants have no time for their self. It is very difficult to find time from a busy routine and look after your health. So, something needs to be done for the better health. Spa can make you relaxed and fresh in no time. All you need to do is gone out to a spa center or wellness center near to your residence. The experts and therapists in those spas can make you feel better, healthy and relaxed.

It will make your physical health better through therapeutic massages. It can also help you to slow down your stress and also relief in muscle tension. Heat treatments in spas can make the blood circulation better and also improves the pores of the skin. Keeping in mind all these benefits, you must go to some spa to get all the above mentioned advantages. Some spa centers and wellness centers in Pakistan are mentioned below:

• Gold spa and fitness club

Gold spa and fitness club is one of the famous spa centers of Lahore, located on the 3rd floor of the Mall Road. It is the fitness center equipped with latest exercise for GYM and exercise. The trainers of the Gold gym are well experienced in their work. The Gold spa center also offers wide range of scrubs and massages to their customers at amazing rates.

All their working team is highly qualified and well experienced in their work and profession and does their work with loyalty. Khawar Riaz is the operator of the Gold club who id doing his job in a very well manner. The Gold club offers: Full body massage, full body scrubs, all types of baths, etc.

• Sunuba Spa and Rejuvenation center

To pamper yourself, you should visit Sunuba Spa and Rejuvenation center. It will make you healthy, relaxed, fit and beautiful in one roof. The environment of the spa is very calm and relaxing that will make you feel soft and light. Sunuba offers a day spa that offers a bridal experience as well.

They also serve you with organic foods, detox drinks and juices and also give you a gift as well. Snunba Spa and Rejuvenation center is situated on MM Alam road that is the commercial place of Lahore.

• Salon Designers

Salon Designers is the best salons of Pakistan that offers a huge variety of Saloon products and saloon accessories to its customers. It also offers all kinds of spas and other health treatments. This spa has achieved international standard services.

The staff and therapists over there are very much experienced and expert in their work. They will give you the best and comfortable spas under their roof. All the repair facilities are also available in Salon Designers. Its head office is in Islamabad and its branches are in Lahore and Rawalpindi.

• Nirvana Spa

Nirvana Spa is another famous name in the spa centers that allows you to get rid of the busy and tired routine just in one spa treatment. The specialty of this spa center is that, it offers you the hot stone body massage for you relaxation. This massage is done by a foreign specialist and the environment is very homely. You will feel like you are relaxing at your own home.

• Al-Razi health care and Spa center

Al-Razi health care and spa center in Pakistan offers a great variety of health medical treatments spas that include Neuro Muscular therapy, Swedish massage, La Stone etc.

• Oxygen Spa

Oxygen Spa is located in Karachi that offers a variety of spa treatments like hot stone massage, Jetlag massage, Lymphatic massage, shoulder, neck many other therapies.

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  1. It’ s good to see spas opening up in Pakistan to focus on health , wellness , detoxifcation as well as beauty care needs , another great spa opening soon this year is SAMS (Skin Analysis Medical Spa & Gym) in Gulberg and DHA, Lahore .This will be an international standard spa ran by British team & UK trained spa instructors.
    SAMS will be a luxurious health and beauty medical spa/health club in Lahore. Their services will include -health &beauty, wellness advise/therapies, holistic & spa therapies including body massages, scrubs, body wraps, facials, mani/pedi, PHYSIOTHERAPY, accupuncture, homeopathy , herbal medicine, stress counselling, dietician/weight management clinics, well man/well woman clinics.
    Our emphasis is on wellness and hollistic care to focus on the whole person and not just the disease or symptoms.
    WE EMPHASISE NATURAL INGREDIENTS /ORGANIC TREATMENTS WE WILL HAVE A FANTASTIC SELECTION OF HOME MADE SPA TREATMENTS LIKE HONEY & OAT MEAL, STRAWBERRY TREATMENTS, BANANA CONDITIONERS, hair and make up,kcomment_ID’s & teen spa services, photographic studio, We will have a gym, fitness studio, pool, saunas, jacuzzi, medical/dental spa.Our medical services will include anti ageing treatments-like Botox, fillers, skin peels , microdermabrasion, oxygen & medical facials, skin treatments, skin tightening, mesotherapy, dermaroller, laser/IPL hair removal, skin whitening, scar treatments, we do non surgical and surgical antiageing treatments, cosmetic surgery- facelift, eye bag reduction, rhinoplasty,otoplasty breast reduction/lift, breast augmentation. We have a dental clinic in Gulberg . Check out our website.

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