COS is Coming to The US! Is Canada Next?

H&M’s pricier, higher-end sister brand COS (Collection of Style) is confirmed to be opening their first US store in Spring 2014 in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. Let me repeat that…COS is coming to the US!!!!!!!!

When I first heard the news, I have to admit, I freaked out a little. It’s not like I need more places to spend my money – I do pretty well at the ones we already have, thankyouverymuch – BUT…it’s COS, you guys! Finally! If you aren’t familiar with COS, then please click here right now and come back after you’re done browsing. Lovely basics with a twist that make me want to pull out my credit card and hand it over forever. Amazing, right? And now (in 2014), we’ll have a store just a quick skip and a hop away from Toronto…and apparently e-commerce as well. Those lucky Americans, they get everything before we do.*insert bitchy resting face* Buuuut…the good thing is…COS is coming to the US, which must mean that a Canadian launch isn’t that far. Right? I mean, it only makes sense!

Photo Credits: COS

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