Men’s Grooming Resolutions 2014

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Many of us will be back at university, work or colleges by now, fresh with new clothing gathered from Christmas presents and sales.

The first month of the year is devoted to New Year’s resolutions, and for some of us that’s as long as they’ll last. Electronic media, and Press are all over it, with ‘diet’ that and ‘get fit’ this, motivating even the most reluctant to make new start and convert their lives for the better. So here we have sum up, what’s to do or don’t for 2014 men’s grooming resolution.

You don’t have to follow these resolutions blindly. You can move ahead and make your own promises to yourself. Nonetheless, if you want to be well groomed for 2014, I recommend you give our men 2014 grooming resolutions a chance:

1) Dress like a gentleman: 

Now, We know that many of you like to clothe casually, particularly during the summers. Though, that is no reason for shabby dressing. Even you are wearing casual clothing, dress like you’re a well groomed person, and take pride in what you’re putting on! Obviously, when you’re going to a business party, you’ll put on your best outfit and tie- but try and include a good clothing sense in your everyday life as well. And trust me head will start turning wherever you go within no time.

2) Shave properly:

Shaving properly is an essential men grooming resolution for the upcoming year, No matter what style you want to have for your facial hair, but most importantly whatever is your preferred style it should be well maintained. Guys are lazy when it comes to shave on daily basis due to time constrains and at times due to their own will. It requires little attention to detail, and you’re one step closer to the perfect look.

3) Make Water your best friend:

Another essential men grooming resolution for the upcoming year is to treat yourself nively. Nothing can be as beneficial as usage of water on daily basis on your skin. Thus this tips has added as most essential skin tips and grooming advice for the year 2014. The difference in skin complexion and your skin will look healthier. 

4) Always Moisturize:

 One need to moisturize often due to the climatic changes, weather fluctuations, unusually rainy days, extremely cold and humid days and everything else that comes in between. It is important to moisturize skin so that the rash and dryness will escape completely. In men’s grooming tips this is consider more attentively viewed tip and require taking care of your skin all year round by following this ever top rated grooming resolution.

5) Go for the Right Product

It is very important to select the right product for your skin as skin is the most sensitive part in human body. Finding a product that tailored to your specific concerns can change your skin in a much positive or negative manner. Reading the product ingredients used and the chemicals it involves can save guys to escape from harsh products.

6) Don’t Be Afraid To Treat Yourself

The final tip for Men’s Grooming Resolutions for 2014 is to treat yourself in a lovely manner. Go at spas, get complementary facials, homemade remedies, skin care products, facial treatments, moisturizing, and water usage all are fruitful resources to add to your personality. There’s nothing emasculating about improving your complexion, or having a calming massage, so let 2014 be the year you embrace one of these ideas.

• A barbershop shave.

• Treating yourself to a range of luxury products.

• Getting a facial.

• Hair styling by professional hair stylist

• A relaxing massage and male waxing..

• Some ‘male’ waxing.

7) Broad your Styling Options

It’s not about messing up with your hair, but to keep on experimenting and that will eventually I don’t mean literally give them a shake, that could get messy. But it’s worth considering if your choice of hair styling product is right for you. As the trends are changing it is boring to stick to one style.

Researching the hair products will actually lead you to opt for the right product. it first has obvious risks, so my advice would be to ask your barber or stylist to try out a new product next time you go for a chop, or opt for one of these tried and tested hair products to improve your styling credential.

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