How to Use Hair Rollers

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

How to Use Hair RollersWant soft waves or curls in your hair? When it comes to soft waves and curls, no one can underestimate the value of hair rollers. Hair rollers play a major significant role in giving your hair a new style. However, using hair roller can be a little tricky. Hair rollers are of great importance and therefore; ladies tend to prefer rollers instead of steel roller. Hair rollers are less damaging, give more volume to your hair and long lasting curls. You must know the utilization of hair rollers so that you can have perfect waves and curls in your beautiful hair. Follow these steps to get perfect and gorgeous wavy hairstyle. 

– Before starting curl your hair, section your hair. Don’t forget to section your hair, if they are thick. Divide sections into three panels by using a tail comb. 

– Then select rollers according to your choice. The waves and curls in hair depend upon the size ofcurler you choose. The smaller the roller, the tighter will be the curls. For soft and gentle waves in hair, large sizecurlers are used. So what look and hairstyle you want, choose curlers accordingly. 

– Now pick hair from panels that should not be wider than roller. Don’t try to roll up section of your hair that is wider than roller as your hair will not set in roller and your will not get desired waves. Apply hair spray that will help in winding the hair and setting the curler in right position. Make sure to comb your hair after spraying hair spray. 

– Now wrap your hair smoothly and tightly around the roller. Start wrapping hair from tips and allow your hair to bend with rollers. Do remember to curl hair in the direction you want the curls to go whether inner side or outer side.

– Then wind it back with pin clips. While using pin clips, you must put a tissue between pin clip and hair so hair do not give dent impression. 

– Continue the same procedure with all sections of hair. Wrap your hair perfectly. 

– To hold your hair on roller and for finishing, apply hair spray after wrapping hair in rollers. The spray will assist in keeping lock set in. Leave hair with rollers for two to three hours until it completely dries. If you want curls fast then speed up the drying with heat. Use hair dryer to speed up the drying of spray on rollers. 

– After drying, remove rollers carefully. After removing hair, brush each section of hair with into the shape of wavy hair. When rolling out your hair, remove the rollers from the bottom of your hair first and then move towards top sections to avoid damaging your curls. Use your fingers too to set and style your hair in place and end up with the mist of hair spray

– To get the best results, you must try to use hot curlers and keep them in your hair overnight. Some people prefer to slightly damp hair for curling but the best results can only be achieved in drying hair which has been previously blown. Make sure that your hair is completely dry adding and removing the rollers.

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