Revlon Scented Lacquer Collection

This article was last updated on May 20, 2022

For all those who are somewhat allergic to the pungent spirit sort of smell of nail polishes and yet wish to keep their nails colored every now and then, Revlon has introduced for all you beauty geeks a new range of nail enamel that shed off amazing scent once applied to keep your hands fresh and fragrant. If you are thinking that the scent would be anything like a strong perfume, it’s not. All the enamels have a mild scent that makes you feel much cleaner than before.

Revlon now gives you a whole new experience to have. Try out the sweet punchy colors of the new collection with a mild and fruity fragrance to go with it. Deep and affluent shades, like Autumn Spice, expose a woody & warm scent while the light and airy shades, like Surf Spray, reveal a delicate fresh fragrance. The collection comprises of all sorts of colors to set your mood for any event. From mild pearl textured colors to high glamour glittered shades, Revlon parfumerie collection is best for anybody and everybody.

The scented nail polishes are not really a new formula. They were initially introduced by various companies targeting an audience of teens and young girls. Which is why, the scents used to be in bubble gum fragrance or something of the similar sort. Those scents were not much popular amongst grownups. What is different about Revlon collection is that the scent used in this collection is utterly exotic and have a deep range of fragrances that adults would be fond of.

The Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel has stimulating colors with an appealing scent. Exciting shiny shades of colors have a flawlessly smooth color and when applied in a coat of double they dry out to shed light, irresistible fragrances. The fragrances can last all day with your nails. Basically Revlon nail polish experts have blended in a mixture of essential oils to create an exotic and unique fragrance for every shade of color that suits the character of the shade. It’s pretty ingenious actually!

The collection is available in more than twenty shades of color. All shades have been classified in different categories like fruity, sweet and spice etc. To make it more feasible for the customers, Revlon has labeled the name of the scent for every shade of nail polish on the beautifully designed bottle of the enamel. So it will be easier for you to note which shade to buy without having to open the bottle to test the fragrance.

Many have loved the bottles as well since they remind us of those ancient perfume bottles that our grandmothers used to hold in their purses. Keep a look out for these amazing colors of nail polishes at your local stores or at the Revlon store if you have one in your vicinity because these little beauties are a must have In your beauty box.

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