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Hey people! I hope the weather is treating you well. I am back with a new post for you guys. I've been working on this post since a while, because I wanted to be completely honest with my readers. Eyeliner is one of my basic essentials, and I cannot imagine my life without it. I've tried several different eyeliners; some made me look like a raccoon while others worked pretty well for me. I got both of these eyeliners from
I look for eyeliners that are extremely dark and long lasting. I cannot stand the ones that are grey-ish black. Hence, it was really hard for me to pick these two out of all I own. Some of you might be in favor of those typical liquid eyeliners that come with a wand. I personally do not like them as they are difficult to handle. I cannot hold them still no matter how hard I try. I tried to create a wing with an eyeliner wand and it just went all over my eyelid. And that's the only reason of why I decided to go for eyeliner pens. Coming back to the point, this particular eyeliner is by Jordana, and is called fabuliner. I am a big fan of this product as it's really easy to handle. It's dries up really fast and doesn't smudge no matter how hard you rub it. Jordana’s fabuliner is a holy grail for all those who are in favor of sharp and pointy wings, because it’s a felt tip eyeliner. As far as the pigmentation is concerned, this product is extremely pigmented. I’ve been looking for a perfect black eyeliner all my life, and I am so proud to state that my search is now over. I do not have to look for another liquid eyeliner anymore. Moreover, I do not have extra bucks to spend on anything at the moment, but trust me folks, this particular eyeliner is so inexpensive. You get a whole lot of product in just 560 bucks. The eyeliner itself looks like a marker as it’s extremely thin and light in weight. I adore products that are travel friendly, and I can easily deceive my teacher by carrying it in my stationery box. Yes, I’m evil.
My eyes are super sensitive, and I cannot tight line them as I’m allergic to certain ingredients. I have no idea if Jordana’s color xtend eyeliner is tested by an ophthalmologist or not, but it did not irritate my eyes even when I wore it for straight 6 hours. How cool is that? Moreover, the formula is extremely creamy; you do not have to drag the pencil on your lash line as it glides smoothly and is highly pigmented. I do not like the packaging since it is pretty average, but I have no complaints since the actual product is worth a shot.

I would recommend you guys to give these eyeliners a go as they’re really good. Moreover, I’ve collaborated with a fellow blogger to bring you an exciting giveaway, so please check for more details.
Price: Fabuliner – PKR 560, Color xtend eyeliner – PKR 561.
PS: You can avail 5% off site wide on when you use my code (J4GIP5) at check out. Also, feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions or suggestions.
Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you guys on Wednesday. 
4.5/5 – Recommended
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