The Body Shop Pakistan: Mother’s Day Celebration


Sudden surprises please me the most. The Body Shop is my all time favorite brand and I do appreciate the fact that TBS is against the idea of testing their products on animals, and all of their ingredients are extracted from natural resources. I use MAC even though they test on animals, but we need brands like TBS to put an end to this trend. Furthermore, the people who run TBS in Pakistan are so generous. Najaf Ali, who's the owner of Constantine PR, was not present in Karachi when we went out to avail the offer, but he made things easier for all of us.
You cannot go around and ask the manager of a shop to let you avail a voucher worth 10,000 PKR; Aesha and Najaf have a deep reverence for our beloved mothers, as they treated us well even though they were not physically present in Karachi. My mother was overjoyed when I took her to the mall; she bought all of her favorite beauty products from TBS. Our bill exceeded as we went a little crazy, but the day ended with a fat grin on my mother's face. I'd like to thank TBS and Constantine PR for all of their kind efforts. My mother sat with the whole family and gaily informed them that a few of her friends were extremely jealous when she told them about her mother's day present. I'm so grateful to the Body Shop for giving me this amazing opportunity. I go to different events and we often get a bucket full of goodies. However, by letting our mothers shop freely, they've made this event a very special one, and I shall cherish this memory forever. 
Now that I've told you everything about my experience, let's talk about the products my mom bought with her voucher.
I asked her to grab something from the Body Shop's Vitamin C collection as it's specifically formulated for a dull, tired and grumpy skin. Vitamin C works well for each and every individual; it reduces acne and gives your skin a luminous effect. 
My mother is a humungous fan of lipsticks and she wanted to get many that day. I stopped her so she could get some skincare products. I was not in favor of a lipstick, but she bought one anyway.
I've never heard of their Pomegranate collection before, but this particular product is specifically formulated for people who are over 40 years old. It's basically an anti-ageing product. I'm not certain about the results, but will keep you posted on Twitter.
All of my family members enjoy using different types of masks. I once bought some snail masks from Korea, and we had so much fun with them as they were full of snail slime. It may sound a little unpleasant, but snail slime has a lot of benefits. Anyway, the Body Shop's Nutriganics Smoothing Mask is a cleanser that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.  Also, it helps in reducing the signs of ageing.

Last but not the least, I'd like to thank Mahnoor for being so kind to me; I wish I could see her in person. That’s pretty much for now. I shall see you in one of my next posts, and I hope you lovely lasses enjoy reading my articles. Also, wish me luck for my finals as my next exam is on 24th of May.
Until next time! 
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