Smoked Salmon Thayar Satham

Smoked Salmon Thayar Satham with chettinad tomato tukku


Smoked Salmon Slices – 100 Gms

Cooked Short Grain Rice – 90 Gms

Thick Hung Yoghurt – 70 Gms

Chopped Onion – 15 Gms

Chopped Cucumber – 20 Gms

Chopped Ginger – 5 Gms

Chopped Raw Mango – 10 Gms

Chopped Coriander – 10 Gms

Chopped Red Chilli – 2 Gms

Urad Dall – 3 Gms

Black Mustard Seeds – 2 Gms

Curry Leaves – Few Leaves

Salt – To Taste

Sugar – Pinch (If Curd Is Sour)

Veg Oil – 15 Ml

Tomato Chilli Pickle – 5 Gms

Dry Red Chilli – For Garnish


1. In a bowl, mix rice curd and all chopped vegetables along with salt and sugar (if required)
2. Heat oil in a pan. When very hot add urad dal, mustard seeds and allow it to crackle. Add curry leaves, cook for 5 seconds. Keep aside.
3. Add half the curry leaf and mustard tempering to the rice mixture.
4. Keep the mixture refrigerated for 1 hour.
5. Place shushi mat (makisu) in front of you. Place salmon slices on it.
6. With wet hands, form a cylindrical mixture of rice.
7. Spread it on the salmon slice leave the border at the top and bottom.
8. Lift the edge of the mat and roll the filling.
9. Roll completely and press gently.
10. Unroll the mat. Place the roll on a chopping board. Wet sharp knife and cut the roll.
11. Serve cold with tomato pickle. Garnish with fried dry red chilly.

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