Seven reasons to dump you partner

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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It’s truly said that ‘love is blind’. But if certain situations call for that blindfold to be removed, don’t hesitate.

In a relationship, often come circumstances arise when either partner tries to cast an impression- positive or negative – to hint to the other half about the fate of their relationship. It’s fortunate if one catches the right signals and decides to call it quits timely, otherwise sticking on to that person may turn out to be a decision that one repents later on.

Through various gestures, signs and body language, it is easy to judge if someone just likes or loves you. But on the other hand, it may not be as simple to learn if your beau or girlfriend is trying to get rid of you. While some tend to ignore the signs their partners give them hinting towards ending their relationship, others just wait for the right time to decide whether they should dump their partner or not!

Here are some tell tale signs that can help you decide if it’s time to dump your partner and call it quits…

1. When excuses become white lies
If he/she is giving you excuses too often to not to meet you or do something which you wanted and sometimes these reasons appear to be mere lies, it’s time to take a hard look. Either ask them for a straightforward explanation or if still things don’t alter, then simply dump him/her without any scope of a second chance.

Expert tip : Dr. Amita Mishra, sex and relationship expert states, “In a relationship, repeated excuses often turn out to be lies said on purpose – either to avoid a situation or to express that someone is no more interested in a relationship. It’s very tough to catch when your partner is lying and when he/she is giving a genuine excuse, so if such things happen without any reason, it may be the right time to part ways.”

2. When commitment turns into a phobia
Male or a female, the C-word scares most of couples. But the irony of the situation states that one has to be committed in a relationship. If you are getting indications that your partner is trying to stay away from the commitment word, for a prolonged period, it’s advised that you think seriously whether the person is really interested in a long-term relationship or not.

Expert tip : Dr. Kavita Bhatia, a psychologist suggests, “Commitment can’t be a forced thing in any relationship, so it has to come on its own. If your partner is consistently building a gap to avoid any chances of commiting towards you, there are chances that they are solely interested in a momentary relationship. If he/she admits this fact overtly, things may be sorted out at ease otherwise it’s wise to leave a person who is not ready for a lasting relationship.”

3. When your honey is only after your money
Money matters can make or break a relationship, but if everything seems to be happening just for money, it might not be a relationship to die for. If you notice your partner asking you for monetary favours much too often, don’t be too generous; try to find the reason behind the same. Chances are high that they may be just into you for your bank balance!

Expert tip : Dr. Chandan Arora, a clinical psychiatrist opines, “It’s very likely that you get attracted to a person primarily due to their financial status. But if your partner is expecting too much from you, either demanding expensive gifts or asking you for cash directly, it’s possible that it’s your money that lures them and not your love. So, it’s for you to decide o a serious note, how to deal with a person who materialistic and thus less into you.”

4. When arguments become public
If minor disagreements, which used to be sorted out through intimate discussions, have now taken the form of bitter confrontations… that too public, it’s a clear hint that you should think about that person in a serious way. Sticking on to a partner who takes you for granted and screams at you for mere petty issues might get too problematic in the long-run.

Expert tip : “Giving and expecting respect is a major ingredient in a relationship and if your partner fails to understand this, you might be in a soup later. Arguing is normal, but only to a certain limit. Having such conflicts publicly show clearly that he/she is not your type, so it’s better to call it quits in the nick of time,” shares Dr. Amita.

5. When it’s call waiting every time you ring up
Learn it for yourself when your partner is trying to avoid you. If his/her phone is busy on another call, almost every time you ring up, it’s evident that there’s someone who’s taken priority position. Also if the case is such that their phone goes to a busy mode right before and after your call, it’s a definite sign that there’s someone else who’s invading your privacy.

Expert tip : “Quite often, you land up in a situation where you don’t want to doubt your partner, but their continuously busy phone status forces you to misunderstand the situation. In most cases, it’s very unlikely to get a convincing and justified reason behind such behaviour. In such a situation, it’s better to realise that he/she is no more concerned about your phone calls and possibly wants to break off the affair,” says Dr. Kavita.

6. When jealously, possessiveness get out of control
If things like suspicion and over-possessiveness make their way into a relationship, it may lead to bad aftermaths. It’s not a great thing for a relationship to survive with any kind of suspicion where one partner constantly distrusts the other partner. In addition to this, it becomes really tough to deal with a partner who is over-possessive without any reason and stops the other partner from being friendly with members of the opposite sex.

Expert tip : “It’s good if you trace these traits in your partner during the initial stages of a relationship and work on them. But if your partner demonstrates these attributes for a prolonged period, it might be a signal for you to dump them immediately. Also, you might agree to accept a partner with these characteristics initially, but it may not work well for you in the long-run,” states Dr. Arora.

7. When past affairs, suspicion creep in slowly
It’s a fact that the history of past affairs can mar the destiny of a present relationship. If your boyfriend / girlfriend seem to too much into their ex-partners, it might not be a good sign. In case you succeed in taking that ‘past’ out of their mind, things may get better or else act sensibly and leave a person who clings onto their past putting their present at stake.

Expert tip : “Thinking too much about a past relationship can be a precise sign of that person indulging in an extra marital affair at a later stage. For any person who devotes more time thinking about their past relations, it’s very tough to be loyal to the present partner, so it’s better to dump them at the right time before that relationship starts hurting you more than required,” recommends Dr. Amita.

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