Baingan Kalonjee Recipe

Baingan Kalonjee


900gm Small Baigan (brinjal)

4gm panch phoran (Bengal spices)

2gm amchur

2gm red chilli powder

2gm coriander powder

2gm turmeric

2gm garam masala powder

25ml oil


3gm ginger julienne

5gm chopped coriander


Slit the brinjal into quarters length wise. Roast the panch phoran (cumin, saunf, kalonji, methi dana, rai. 2:1:1:1:1) and powder.

Mix with all the other spices and fill in the brinjal.

Heat the oil and saute the brinjal until done.

Garnish with ginger juliennes and chopped corriander before serving.

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