Chinese Mapo Beancurd Recipe



Mapo Beancurd


120g minced beef (or minced pork)

640g tender beancurd


A dash each of chopped green onion, Worchestershire sauce, dried fermented beans, xanthoxylum powder, mashed garlic, chili powder, soy sauce, salt, MSG and yellow wine

40g Sichuan broad bean paste

20g starch

80g peanut oil

320g chicken soup


Trim the old skin off the beancurd, cut it into 1cm oblique dices, boil them in boiling water for a while to remove the taste of gypsum, scoop them out and drain.

Heating oil in the pot over high heat, put minced beef in to stir fry the moisture off, stir fry broad bean paste, dried chili powder and mashed garlic for a while, then add soy sauce, dried fermented beans, yellow wine and salt to stir fry until the beef is seasoned, put the beancurd and pour the chicken soup in, boil them over mild heat for a while, add MSG, stir in starch solution to boil the mixture until a little thicker, put chopped green onion in, sprinkle Worchestershire sauce in, lift the mixture from the pot and sow xanthoxylum powder over it for serving.

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