Chinese Crisp Eel Recipe

Crisp Eel


560g eel back fillet


A dash each of onion knots, ginger, pepper, powder, yellow wine, salt, soy sauce and MSG

Adequate amount of sugar


Prepare live fresh water eels (abt 1.6kg) well, put out 560g of back fillet and cut the fillet into sticks.

Add 200g of water to the seasonings and simmer them over mild heat into about 160g of thick sauce.

Bring water to boil in a pot and heat 2.24kg of peanut oil in another pot; scald the eel back in the boiling water for a while, scoop it out with a bamboo strainer, drain, dump it into the peanut oil to scatter the sticks in all directions, raise the fire to high heat when the eel sticks curl up, deep fry them for a while, scoop them out, dump them into the prepared thick sauce to stir a few times until all the sauce is absorbed, lift them from the pot, place them in a plate and sow ginger shreds over the serving.

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