Turkish Pide filled with Meat and Cheese

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Turkish Pide is one of the famous recipes in Turkey.Turkish pide is basically belonging to pizza family in Turkey. The difference is its shape and the thickness of pide. Pide is slightly thin than pizza crust. Originally it is baked with lamb minced without any kind of cheese. However there are variations are available in Turkish Pide, one of the variation with cheese is here. If you are weight conscious you can happily skip the cheese, because in original Turkish Pide they do not use the cheese.

Dough for Turkish Pide:

– Plain Flour 3 cups

– Instant Yeast 2 tea sp

– Dry milk powder 2Tb-sp

– Salt   ½ tea sp or as per taste

– Sugar 1 tb-sp

– Oil 2 Tb-sp

– Warm water 1 ½ cup warm water

In dry bowl put plain flour. Mix all the dry ingredients such as yeast, sugar, salt and dry milk powder. Put warm water and make dough. Apply the oil on dough and cover tightly. Left the dough for 1 to 2 hours for rest until it get raise.

Ingredients for Turkish Pide Filling:

– Meat minced 250 gm

– Onion thin sliced 1

– Tomato paste 2Tb-sp

– Capsicum 1

– Vegetable oil 2Tb-sp

– Salt, black pepper

– Paprika powder ½ tea sp

-Dried Mint ½ tea sp

– Oregano ½ tea sp

– Chador Cheese 200 gm

– Parmesan cheese 200gms

Directions To Make Recipe:

Put the vegetable oil and stir fry the onion. When it gets light pink add meat and keep stirring until meat get soft. Now add tomato paste, salt, black pepper. Then thin sliced capsicum and cook it. When meat and capsicum has cooked well add mint, paprika and oregano. 20 to 30 minutes will be serving in meat filling cooking for Turkish Pide. Now place it aside to cool down its temperature. 

Now the main step of making Turkish Pide is its folding. The above dough will be enough for four Turkish pide. Roll the dough in oval shape. The rolled dough should not be thick than ½ inch. Because the specialty of original Turkish pide is, it is thin than pizza crust. When you are done with rolling the dough in oval shape filled it with above cooked meat. If using cheese, add it on cooked meat. Then fold one cm. of the oval shaped dough from the sides until the end tips bring together. 

Bake the Turkish Pide on 200 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes. When you bring it out from oven spread olive oil or butter. Your Turkish Pide is ready.

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