Food: The Cook in Sexy Heels

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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The unusual name for this web site, which is dedicated to cooking comes from the author’s creative interpretation of the sensuality of cooking and eating. The motto of the site is "add sizzle to your life" and as I look through the various videos about food preparation, I can say that no finer words have been spoken.
Each recipe is written out with a list of ingredients followed by instructions on how to prepare everything. But the "hook" for each recipe is a companion video. The author remains out of sight during the videos; you only ever see her hands and her high heels. She never speaks; short text instructions appear periodically and you watch the steps of preparing various dishes. These videos are of a very high quality; they are professionally made. Considering that this is all available for free, I do wonder how this person is paying for all this.
I watched the short clip about stuffing a turkey and preparing a cranberry sauce and holy smokes, even though nothing "dirty" occurred, I still felt I should be holding my hand over the eyes of anybody under the age of 18. Sexy? Gosh, did I see a wisp of smoke rising from my computer monitor?
I ran across one provocatively titled video called S&M which starts with our lady zipping up some high heel boots which seem made for a dominatrix but it turns out that the S&M of the film stands for spaghetti and meatballs. The author introduces her recipe with "Want to experiment with a little S & M? With this dish you are definitely in command and not likely to get any refusals." I’m looking at that plate of pasta and the Sergio Rossi zippered stilettos and all I can say is that I will obey. 🙂
I am the alter ego of my creator, a filmmaker with a background in advertising and commercial directing. The great thing about being an alter ego is I can go anywhere the imagination takes me. I can explore my insatiable appetite for gastronomic fantasy and wander into the quirky recesses of my mind, which I happen to do with abandon.
Simply Sexy
I am neither a professional chef nor a sexual behavior expert. I just happen to be a good cook (the recipes in my films are original unless otherwise indicated) with an eye toward the sensuousness of food. I also tend toward simplifying cooking where I can. Stressing out over cooking is definitely not sexy.
I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like food and I believe lovers should be able to eat out of each other’s plates.
So here’s some of my philosophy on food and sex.
The FoodSex Equation
Eating, especially eating well, is a very sensuous experience as we are using all our senses. Sight, smell, taste, touch (the tactile quality of food), and yes hearing (remember the sizzle). As with good sex, the experience of eating becomes heightened when you surrender to it and connect with the moment. This can all be helped with the things around the food. Candlelight, music, enthusiasm, imagination and yes, fabulous high heels. All of which can lead to other pleasures.
Food Begets Sex
Cooking for someone is a very giving act and therefore extremely seductive. The expression “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” arose from a basic truth: food equals love. And hopefully lust. I happen to prefer the German version of the adage, which translates into “love is through the stomach” as it’s not gender specific. After all, a man cooking for a woman is one of the all time surefire aphrodisiacs.
The Aphrodisiac Effect
When it comes to aphrodisiacs, I believe they are as much about external factors as the purported chemical or physiological effects of the food itself. Otherwise we would all be driven to sexual frenzy anytime and anywhere we ate a plate of oysters. In addition, I subscribe to the notion that if you think it’s sexy, it is. After all, the largest sexual organ is the brain.
The FoodSexShoe Equation
When you feel sexy you act sexy. And that spices up any dish.
Food and sex are two of the great pleasures in life. Eat up.
[*The Cook in Heels is a registered trademark]
This all looks like some added fun in the kitchen. Food never looked… so sexy. Yes, my mouth is watering. 🙂
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The Cook in Heels
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  1. I’m sorry that I dcomment_IDn’t respond sooner! Thank you so much for the positive review of my site. Just to let you know that I’m no longer the cook in heels but The Well Heeled Cook. Hopefully smoke will still rise from your monitor 😉

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