Finding Shangri La: So, You Want To Be A Millionaire?

Often when I am speaking, I am asked the question, "Is is all right for me to want to win, or make one million dollars?".  According to the principles of the universal energetic field, our energy should always be balanced.  In the ancient texts of Yoga, we find the balance of development between mind, body and spirit.  This means that everything we are trying to accomplish must be energetically developed equally.  When we apply this ancient Yogic concept to gaining alot of money, we’ve got to remember that when we get alot of one particular thing, if we are not developing the other components along with it, we will create a tremendous imbalance that can have very seriously damaging results.  You can see these examples in the unfortunate lives of people who have a lot of money, but still become terminally ill, where no amount of money can save their life, or who simply can’t find happiness in love, or who cannot get along with their families.  The energy is simply out of balance.  To that end, it is perfectly all right to ask for or to try to achieve millionaire status, as long as you are ready, willing and able to develop the other components such as spiritual development, taking optimum care of health, learning how to be a better person, etc.  In other words, it is essential that you balance out the energy bubble around you because having one area such as fame or fortune out of balance will draw on the energy of the other directional energies.  It is always better to expand all of your life in increments so that your fame and fortune, relationships, health and creativity are expanding in balance with one another.  This is an expansion on the Astanga of Patanjali and what I have expounded on in my updated interpretation of those principles in my book, Finding Shangri La.  Believe…….
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