Spinning: Latest fitness-fad in town!

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Spinning: Latest fitness-fad in town!Boredom is the biggest evil when it comes to exercise. Those who have had enough of the treadmill running, cross training, rowing, tend to get away from exercise.

But some people have found respite in a new, more interesting form of workout. Says HR manager, Shruti Malhotra, “I was fed up of the same gymming routine and gradually I had stopped going to the gym. Then someone told me about spinning and today I am totally addicted to it. I have healthily lost 2 kilos in a month.”

What is spinning?
Spinning has got nothing to do with the usual spinning, instead it is a relatively new phenomenon, which is performed on a specialised cycling machine. The classes take place in a fitness studio with specialised lights and music that create an upbeat atmosphere. “It is basically a cardio workout, which seems like regular cycling, but works on all your body parts with various control resistant movements on the bike. An hour of workout burns a lot of calories and gives a nice shape, especially to your thighs,” says instructor Shankar Malhotra, Gold’s Gym.

IT consultant Tanvi Sharma who is addicted to spinning shares, “I like the rhythm and high energy involved in the workout. The trainer fills the room with pumped-up music and we are all supposed to match up to the beats of the music. I am thoroughly sweating by the time the session ends. My classes are thrice a week and I so much miss it other days.”

Spinning details
There are various workout levels involved in this new form of exercise. From warm-ups to challenging phases, to a period of highest effort (i.e. the most difficult phase) followed by a cool down. All this is regulated by various resistance levels of the bike that makes pedaling hard and easy.

Says, Pankaj Sikka, gym instructor, Ozone, “The intensity of the workout is monitored by three factors. First is the pedal rate which has to match the music beats; second is the resistance of the bike that is controlled by the bike’s flywheel to make pedaling hard and easy and third, the position of the rider. They are instructed by the trainer to pedal from a seated position or rise from the bike seat.”

But is spinning a complete exercise in itself? He adds, “Those who are aiming at drastic weight loss should combine it with other exercises as well. One day they can do abs, next day upper body, arms, back and then legs. But those who just want to stay in shape; this is the best form of exercise. But you really have to push yourself hard.”

What about the spinning gear?
Shankar tells us, “Apart from your regular workout clothes, you need a pair of sports shoes. Since the bikes have toe clips, you can wear your regular tennis shoes. And probably keep a towel with you since it involves excessive sweating.”

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