Finding Shangri La: The Power of Being In The Right Place At The Right Time

There is a vast importance to being in the right place at the right time to meet all of the right people that can connect you to the right opportunities. But in order to be engaged in that flow, you must practice the three A’s.  Being Alert; Aware and Attuned.  This comes under the heading of Focus in the Seven Principles of Yoga, which coincides with Concentration. Without that clarity and order, you will miss all of the connections to that successful flow.  Being Alert means that you keep yourself on the look out for networking and learning opportunities to stay informed.  Being Aware means that look for where and with whom you can expand yourself either upwards or laterally in your business or career.  You keep your ears perked and your eyes wide open to encompass the broad spectrum of events and venues that are available for you to express your unique talents.  Being Attuned means that you spend some time each day focused entirely on clearing your mind and surroundings of clutter so that you don’t miss an important event because it got lost on your desk; or you don’t loose contact with someone interested in your services because you can’t find their number.  You clear your energy by quieting your mind and asking for direction towards the next important step in your business path.  If you put all of these together, there is only one result-Success and Happiness.  Believe…….

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