Finding Shangri La: Breathing Under Duress

I’ve noticed that during the past week, I’ve caught myself breathing through my mouth when at times I’ve had an enormous amount of tasks to perform.  I’ve had to remind myself that it is not only dangerous because it unbalances your physical body, leaving you open for small injuries, but also, it makes it impossible to stay energized sufficiently, and detracts from your mental focus.  I don’t remember ever being a mouth breather, so I really had to take a look at what was going on.  Somehow I had picked up a bad habit and I simply had to assert myself back to my natural Yoga state of always breathing through my nostrils.  In Principle 2 of Finding Shangri La: Seven Yoga Principles for Success & Happiness, the importance of proper breathing is emphasized because it inhibits all of the problems that I mentioned earlier.  If you find yourself mouth breathing during normal running around the office tasks, or while talking on the phone, or cleaning house, then you’re probably banging into things, stubbing your toes, getting more fatigued and feeling out of Focus, the 4th Principle in the book that helps to clarify, create order, project success.  This week pay very close attention to this one important behavior to tighten up your success.  The improved focus and clarity, coupled with more energy and less stress-including less small injuries, will be the proof you need.  Believe….
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