Approaching The Great Treasure

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama
Acharya Sri Khadi Madama
In the 1920’s, painter and archaeological explorer Nicholas Roerche went out in search of Shambhala, that mythical realm also referred to as Shangri La.  He made an extensive and expensive journey to find the place that has remained hidden to the outside world.  He wrote a beautifully illustrated book about his discoveries and the challenges of navigating through the most difficult terrain that anyone could imagine in farthest remote and unforgiving areas in the mountainous regions above and surrounding Tibet.  He, in fact, found what was purported to be the gateways and signposts of Shambhala.  Along the way he spoke with old monks and keepers of ancient writings.  One of the most important things he learned was “how to approach the treasure”.  There is a chapter devoted to the subject of the proper deportment and attitude that one must have in order to unlock the mysterious realm that exists right before ones eyes, yet can still remain invisible as if shielded by a protective force field. 
The idea of proper attitude and behavior holds true for us on the road to health, happiness and success, even if we are not in far regions of the Himalayas.  If we are angry, resentful, cruel, vulgar, greedy, egotistic, arrogant, selfish, complaining or harmful to others, we cannot find this perfect place any more than we can enter the pearly gates of heaven.  We also can’t be well, successful, happy, well-liked or loved or enjoy life very much either.  The true jewels in life are denied us.  Start today to rid yourself of any thoughts, words or deeds that keep you from not only finding the Great Treasure, but of BEING the Great Treasure that you are destined to become.  Believe……..
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