Rahul Gandhi might be given role of “Working President”

Rahul Gandhi with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

Rahul Gandhi with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

With expectation mounting that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi will soon take up more active responsibilities in the party, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that he will welcome any new responsibility given to Rahul. 

Reacting to questions about reports that Gandhi’s responsibilities might be enhanced and he could be designated “working president”, the PM said “This is a party matter and I can’t say about it…But if Rahul Gandhi is given any new responsibility, I will certainly welcome it.” 

The PM said he had in the past invited Rahul to join the government, but the general secretary – seen as the heir apparent in Congress – had been reluctant to do so. 

Reports of Rahul accepting a more hands on role in dealing with Congress affairs as against only tinkering with frontal organizations has been doing the rounds and his impending step up in the party was reported.

Rahul was part of a four-member group named by his mother Sonia Gandhi when she travelled abroad for medical treatment in August. At the time turned down the suggestion that he be named “working president” and even the four-member group hardly met.

Of late, Rahul has been more receptive to the possibility of getting into the thick of party affairs, a process that might be quickened by his lead role in the UP election next year. The state election is seen as a test case for the Rahul mantra as the leader seeks to regain ground that Congress lost in the 1980’s in the politically significant state.

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