Finding Shangri La: The Importance of Caring for Material Objects

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Often in the world of Yoga, the idea is that we are supposed to think only of becoming enlightened or of the etheric atmosphere of spiritual practice.  We don’t always reflect on the energy that is inherent in material objects, and so sometimes they are discounted.  The idea of caring for material things coincides with the 5 th Principle of Intention, which relates to the power of meditation.  We never see any Yoga master meditating in a space where the energy field is contaminated by broken objects, dirt, clutter or disarray.  Always the meditation field is arranged nicely.  This is because there is an intention to take the disciplined focused mind to a higher level with laser-like clarity and pin-point attention. 

When we endeavor to keep our office or home space orderly, clean, and arranged nicely, it is an expression of our ability to strongly funnel our spiritual energy towards success in whatever we choose.  The mere act of organizing, cleaning, fixing things that are broken, replacing a button or a light bulb, sharpening all of your pencils or sorting out pens that don’t work properly all contribute to your overall well-being, success, and spiritual growth, all at the same time.  If you care for things around you, you get cared for in return. Everything responds favorably in some way and your energy levels soar.  Believe……..   

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