Finding Shangri La: Staying Out of Your Own Way

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, the old Asian proverb says.  Another one offers a blessing that hopes that your path will be free of tigers.  Wonderful.  However, up until now there hasn’t been a saying that suggests that you stay out of your own way.  And, that’s the one that is really needed because it is so easy to jam up a lot of great pathways to success in all walks of life if we don’t understand what this means.  In his book: Shambhala (the other name for Shangri La), explorer Nicholas Roerche dedicates an entire chapter, as a guide, to the pursuit of how the ancient ones say we must “approach the great treasure”.  Naturally, the way to  approach the treasure is with some “great” character building by eliminating our flaws.  The greatest enemy we meet along the way is ourselves or a reflection in our character flaws that we meet in others.  My teacher always told me that no one was my friend, and no one was my enemy, but that all were my teachers.  With this in mind it’s so important to carefully turn our outward meditation to watching our behaviors and attitudes and how they make or break possible sales, encourage others to want to speak with us, acquire a raise or promotion.  Watching ourselves like an invisible witness and being open about how we use negative terminology that oozes a negative outcome can be very enlightening.  Let’s begin today with our own ‘ancient proverb’, one that is ripe for this challenging new age of high-tech.  “May I meet myself each day on the path with a smiling face, uplifting words, open to new ideas and ready to receive all of my good”.  How’s that for a start?  Believe………

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