Yoga; Improving Your Life At Work

The very essence of Yoga is to connect the mind, body and spirit. How this magic triangle relates to work is key to performance, stamina and productivity. Over the long haul, it is the ability to recover at the close of the work day so that its effects are not adversely affecting your enjoyment of life, your health or spilling onto your weekend. Statistics prove that as much as 80% of all illnesses and doctor visits are stress related. This statistic is simply too high, especially when you times that by the number of years one puts in at working a career.

Physically, Yoga practice helps you to keep your body in alignment both in the office and during long commutes, travel or traffic jams. You are able to expand your compressed infrastructure with time tested breathing and stretching. Mentally, Yoga clarifies the mind helping you perform tasks with better efficiency and less mental strain. But Spiritually? How do we bring this into the work realm?

Yoga teaches us that the golden connection is always there, like a USB port or a WiFi link. It is when we take our attention off line from this golden connection, our inner ‘modem’, that we feel cut off from this source. These are the times when we feel as if nothing is ever going to go right again and a host of other emotional turmoil. Spiritually speaking, we have to have in inner ‘mantra’ dialogue to reconnect. The good thing is that it’s instant, has no moving parts, is free and it works every time.

Try the following ‘mantras’ the next time you feel a melt down of your system approaching.

“This situation may be stressful, but I am not”. “I have enough energy to carry me through this projects’ completion”. “That person (insert name) may be difficult, but I remain my true self”. “I am not alone in this situation. I am supported by Divine inspiration, guidance and intervention”. Practice making up your own versions using mine as a guide. What we tell ourselves becomes our reality.

The Yoga 3 point Survival Reset Technique: Take a deep breath as you correct posture, close your eyes for 7 seconds, say your mantra. This will help to reset your inner guidance system. Yoga Works!

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