Yoga: When The Going Gets Tough, Walk Through Walls

Everyone knows that in ancient India, the Yogis were able to walk through walls; Able to penetrate, with their minds, through matter, right? But what are we to do when our own four walls become very inhibiting and overcrowded with stress, especially the kind generated by others that seems to fall onto our desks, and into our workspace? Not ready to try astral projection? There is another solution that although it won’t have you on a plane, astral or otherwise to your favorite vacation spot, will go along way to expanding your vision and relieving tension to help you lift your spirits up, out and away, if even for only a few minutes.

We’re going to use the Yoga practice of Dharana, or concentration for this by placing as many pictures of nature on the walls as possible. You can also use a shelf or your desk. In true Dharana, it is said that the observer becomes one with the object of his or her attention. Yogis are able to create a virtual dimension by deeply looking into an object so intently that they enter into it. With a little practice, you will be able to also. Look into that beach scene, or natural setting as you allow your shoulders to drop, take a breath and as you exhale, exhale yourself right into the scene, actually picturing your self in the picture. This will take less than a minute when your day is really crushed for time. Practice makes perfect. Before long, you’ll be walking through walls like the Yogis of yore. Yoga Works! For a workshop to improve Your Life At Work, contact Acharya Sri Khadi at or

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