Yoga: Bringing A Little Sunshine Into Your Work

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Yoga: Bringing A Little Sunshine Into Your WorkProbably one of the most famous Yoga exercises is Surya Namaskar or Salutation to the Sun. It’s popular because it affords the practitioner an almost complete Yoga stretching session. Originally constructed as a means of awakening the body and energizing it at the break of day, it is also an ancient means of connecting to the powerful energy of the Sun. Needless to say, it is fairly sure of certain that you will not be able to head into a Sun Salutation in your office, cubby or shared space. However, there is a way of bringing in the motivating and uplifting qualities of the venerable twelve moves, even while still. This method was used by the Yoga masters while fasting to draw nourishment directly from the sun. Although today, the Sun Salutation has begun to take on more of a cardio workout-far departing from it’s original intention, we will focus on its deeper aspects in order to bring a little sunshine into your work life. And, in only a few minutes.

Office Sun Salutation: Begin by first closing your eyes and visualizing a bright golden sun sending healing rays into your body. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth. You may this technique sitting at your desk. But if you have a window nearby and your office is private, you may want to stand near a window facing the light so you can feel it on your forehead. If possible, step outside. Since you are not moving, no one will really know you are doing this internal Yoga. Visualize this sunlight showering your whole body, while you realign your posture and continue to breathe deeply. Turn around and let the sunlight shine onto the back of your head. Picture drawing the sun’s healing rays into the base of your head and continue breathing. You may also wish to work with a simple affirmation such as: "Today, I have more than enough energy to complete all tasks efficiently and with ease". Bring a little Sun into your work day soon. Yoga Works!

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