Yoga: Snake Charmers, Spice Merchants & The Chandhi Chawk Bazaar

Workdays can become awfully boring. We may repeat the same thing over and over again. See the same people day in and day out. Things can become very mundane. Imagine if you could look out of your window and out on the grounds of your workplace, or down below onto the busy street. Suddenly there is a colorfully turbaned Snake Charmer, playing his flute. The huge basket in front of him and the broad hood of the mesmerized Cobra rising upward. Quite a sight that would be. Or if in the middle of a very long conference or tedious project, you could smell the wonderful aroma of the spices from the spice merchant wafting in on a breeze. Wouldn’t that wake you up and clear your head? The old silver market, too, holds the image of highly polished silver wares reflecting the bright sunshine on most typical shopping days. Enough light to shed on crucial decision making or to wake you right up and give you that boost you need to make it through the next conference call. Allowing your mind to remember a wonderful, imaginary scene almost as if you’re in a movie with superimposed cinema-graphic events will allow your mind to have an almost instant vacation. Really imagining them to happen resets your mind so that it works better. The old Yoga masters say that the Yogi controls his environment through his senses. That can mean that he can create a virtual space without the use of computer graphics. He simply concentrates and creates a pleasing environment through imagery.

Technique for an Instant Mental Transport: Close your eyes and imagine that you are breathing in a stream of either blue or yellow colored air into your nostrils. (You may find this to relieve any stuffiness in your nose). Try to let your stomach relax. Now fix your gaze at the point between your eyebrows and spend a moment or two creating that wonderful, transporting scene to your favorite place of choice. Use your senses to truly color your inner world by creating as vividly as you can a truly real scene.

I can still remember today, more than 20 years hence, the wonderment I felt sitting on the veranda of the Rambagh Palace, sipping a cool drink and eating delicious sandwiches, while watching the Snake Charmer, or driving through the magical streets of the old silver market and smelling the spices of the vendors. When finished pull up your spine, look up at the ceiling, slightly curving your spine. Relax. Can you hear the flute? Yoga Works!


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