What do you need to know about blood thinners?

blood thinner

This article was last updated on September 8, 2022

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If earlier such a problem as the formation of blood clots could manifest itself in middle-aged and elderly people, now the disease has become much younger. The problem of thick blood can occur even in the smallest, and here the question arises: “What can provoke such a disease?”

After all, very often we can simply not notice some of the symptoms that the body gives us signals about failures. Usually we dump everything on exhaustion and chronic lack of sleep, and we don’t even think that at this very moment our erythrocytes, by grouping, grow into blood clots.

Because of them, the usual blood circulation is disturbed, and sometimes blood does not flow to our organs at all, which leads to more serious diseases, so blood thinner drugs are prescribed for the treatment of such ailments.

Causes of thick blood or blood clots

Before you start talking about methods of treatment, you need to understand the causes of the disease in order to know how to protect yourself from it.

If the blood thickens, then, accordingly, its liquid part goes somewhere, and is not replenished for a long time.

The causes of thick blood can be as follows:

  • insufficient replenishment of the body with water;
  • drinking coffee;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • irregular or unsaturated nutrition with the right foods;
  • intestinal disease;
  • stress and exhaustion;
  • bad habits;
  • the presence of chronic diseases.

Any problems with one of the components of the blood, or rather the excess of the norm of the contained substances puts a strain on the heart.

As a result, the walls of the vessels are not able to fully contract, and the erythrocytes, due to lack of space, begin to “stick” to each other.

Now, knowing the reasons, you can reconsider your lifestyle and give up some bad habits, and include good ones in your life.

It is better to start changing something before the disease than to get sick and be treated with drugs that can cause a malfunction in your body systems.

The danger of thick blood and its consequences

The first sign of increased viscosity is considered sleepiness. But, with our modern lifestyle, you can simply ignore this symptom.

After all, there is always not enough time for sleep, which is why constant sleepiness appears. In the winter, we generally hibernate all the time.

But in addition to sleepiness, a person may feel constantly tired, depressed. It may even get worse, but only people with 100% vision will notice this unexpected change.

You need to learn to notice such symptoms in order to make a diagnosis, and start fighting the disease as early as possible. After all, ignoring the problem can lead to unpleasant consequences. Blood simply will not supply the organs, which can cause oxygen starvation.

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