Men with eating disorders overlooked

eating disorders men

This article was last updated on March 25, 2023

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Men with eating disorders overlooked

Men with eating disorders are often overlooked, despite developing the disorder in the same way as women and exhibiting similar symptoms. This is due to the societal norm that associates slimness with women and muscularity with men, leading to anorexia nervosa being seen as primarily a “women’s ailment.”

Additionally, men find it difficult to express their emotions and may feel less masculine if they admit to suffering from an eating disorder. Furthermore, an eating disorder is not initially seen as a problem, and ignorance can delay diagnosis. Experts recommend that men be given more space and encouraged to talk about their condition. Social change is necessary to eliminate the stigma surrounding eating disorders and to stop thinking of it as a “women‘s disease.

If an individual suspects they have an eating disorder, they should seek help and talk to friends, family, or a doctor. Professional counselors can also be contacted anonymously via helplines, chat, or apps.

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