Yoga: Slumping In The Rickshaw and Picturing Kundalini for Healthy Spine

Relief for the weary, patient person who just wants to get home at the end of a long day. The minute one get’s into the seat and can settle down into that nice comfortable slump, while the driver bears the burden of the drive is just such a relief. The reason for this isn’t just the fact that you are finally out of the office and on your way home. The fact is that although Yoga always teaches us to sit with the spine straight so that the Pranic energy can travel to the top of your head, the opposite fact is that sitting all day with your spine straight up against the back of a chair is downright unhealthy for it. The true Yoga for the spine is for it to be in it’s natural "S" curve regularly in order for it to be healthy. You can save straightening it for meditation, but during the day, in order to allow it to return back to it’s natural position for optimum health, it is essential for you to slide down in your seat, into a bit of a slump. Now we know why we were scolded by the school teacher, telling us to sit up straight as children, as we naturally assumed that comforting and realigning position unconsciously. As adults we get engrained to sit up straight as arrows when not hovering over a computer. It will be easy for you to remember to do the "Rickshaw Slump" if you simply picture yourself relaxing into the seat of any of the comfortable conveyances in India. The classic Rickshaw, slowly fading from the scene, the three-wheeled motorized rickshaw or the Ambassador. Slumping a bit during a long wait at the airport is a good idea also. It may not look very pleasing but you’ll be doing your back a favor in the long run.

Here’s how we do "The Rickshaw Slump". Take a deep breath, exhale, then slide into a slump, breathe deeply a few times while you picture the powerful Kundalini-serpent energy being freed in your spine. Take a finishing deep breath and pull yourself back up into your chair. You’ll also be helping to strengthen your core. It doesn’t hurt to imagine that you can slip into the greatest seat of all, the golden Chariot of Surya, the Sun-God, to help you feel golden and on top of the world. Yoga works!

Sending you a little Yoga Bling,

Author of "Finding Shangri La: Seven Yoga
Principles for Creating Success & Happiness

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