Bloomberg’s Immigration Pearls

A few days ago, outgoing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg — regular Joe, run of the mill billionaire-next-door, architect of the modern nannypolis, and all around good guy —went on Fusion’s “America with Jorge Ramos” talk show to lament that the Gang of Eight omnibus immigration bill has not passed because of House Republicans’ intransigence.

He declaimed, “We are selling our birthright here. We’re creating industries overseas we’ll never get back to America, we have crops in the fields that rot because there’s no people to pick those crops.”

Who knew? I had no idea, no idea at all, that my birthright included amnestying millions of illegal aliens and importing hundreds of thousands more aliens as unskilled workers who will significantly depress American wages for years to come.

But after a few nanoseconds of deep thought, I had my eureka moment. Oh, I get it! It’s as clear as the nictitating membranes on a reptile’s eyes.

Don’t like that your favorite corporations have offshored their customer service and technical support mechanisms to call centers in far-flung places like India and elsewhere? Well, if we grant all those employees work visas to come to the United States, then the call centers will have to come back: There will be no one left abroad to staff them.

How very penetrating of Mr. Bloomberg to discern that. There now, you see? That’s why he’s wealthy and I’m not.

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