House Democrats Issuing ‘Get Out of Jail’ Cards to Illegal Aliens

In the everyday vernacular we Americans use, there are a lot of flotsam-and-jetsam phrases we've picked up over the years, including one from the ever-popular game Monopoly. We often refer to someone having a "get out of jail" card, usually in a figurative sense, to describe a situation where that someone is in a position to duck the consequences if in trouble.

Well, who would have guessed we've reached a point where members of Congress, sworn like all other elected and unelected civil servants to uphold the law, would take the phrase literally enough to start issuing get out of jail cards to illegal aliens?

That's a hard one to swallow, but apparently it's the case, according to a March 26 edition of The Hill newspaper, which tells us that "the Democrats are issuing 'emergency cards' to potential participants [of the president's "executive action" programs to prevent the deportation of millions of illegal aliens] and asking them to present those cards in the event they're detained by an immigration official."

Note the way the newspaper, in its zeal to maintain political correctness, ducks calling the recipients of these "emergency cards" illegal aliens. No, they're just "potential participants" of the president's constitutionally dubious programs.

Keep in mind that the reason the "emergency card" has become necessary is because the third wheel in our tripartite system of government — the judiciary — is sufficiently doubtful about the legality of those programs that it has issued a restraining order to prevent the executive branch from actually instituting them until the matter is heard and fully resolved in the courts.

The collusion of at least some House Democrats with our president and his secretary of Homeland Security to sidestep the rightful prerogatives of both the legislative and judicial branches of government is a deeply worrying matter. It makes me think that the Constitution is a more fragile document than I was raised to believe; less iron-bound and more like the actual parchment paper on which it's written.

A bloody revolution and a horrendous civil war have been among the heavy costs the forefathers of our nation paid to sustain it. Will we now see it wither away under the subversion and subornation of a few political leaders intent on bending the future to their particular visions, and damn the consequences?

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