8 New Trends That’ll Bring Back Your Love Of Shorts

Shorts season is as controversial as the Mac vs. PC debate — you either love them or hate them. We get why people choose a Mac over a PC, but when it comes to choosing shorts over pants, our reasons aren't quite so black and white. For one, there's the issue of length (there's nothing more uncomfortable than too-short shorts) and let’s not even get into the lack of options (it’s time to move beyond cut-offs).

Fortunately, after scouring every site from Mango to Shopbop, we discovered something: shorts aren’t half bad anymore. All of a sudden, there’s endless variety: quilted shorts, skorts, Bermudas, and more.

Before suffering through another summer in pants, take a peak at what this year’s selection of shorts has to offer. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best shorts trends of 2019. Let the year of the short commence.

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Quilted Shorts
Quilting your shorts adds just the right amount of warmth for those chilly days when nothing's more confusing than figuring out what to wear.

Ganni Ripstop Quilt Shorts, $315, available at GanniPhoto Courtesy of Ganni.

Leather Shorts
Leather pants made one hell of a comeback this year, so it’s no surprise that we've been spotting shorter versions since the first day of spring.

VEDA Milano Leather Short, $678, available at VEDAPhoto Courtesy of Veda.

Skorts haven't always gotten the best rep, but why? They offer all the benefits of shorts, with a skirt-like formality. Add in that they bring back the feeling of being a tween again and you've got yourself a sartorial choice to be reckoned with.

Sandy Liang Leather Perry Skort, $795, available at Sandy LiangPhoto Courtesy of Sandy Liang.

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