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"Capricorn season falls right before and after the holidays, which means sometimes they get slighted by not getting lots of love and presents on their birthday," resident astro expert Lisa Stardust tells Refinery29. "Well, that’s not gonna happen this year — we won’t allow it!" True that — which is why we've created the ultimate astrology gift guide for Capricorns, the "work hard, play hard" signs of the zodiac as Sag season draws to a close at the end of December.

"Known for their workhorse, no-BS attitude, the earthy sea-goat enjoys a precious gift to show that they are appreciated and loved for all the hard work they do," Stardust adds. From metallic makeup Caps will love to the perfect dainty necklace for a touch of sparkle, the 13 ideas here are guaranteed to delight.

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Skin Gym Rose Quartz Facial Roller

"Caps love simple, reliable, and sturdy beauty tools," Emmalea Russo tells us. This rose quartz facial roller is relaxing, cooling, and has a minimalist vibe that Capricorns appreciate."

Skin Gym Rose Quartz Facial Roller, $, available at Free People

Beauty Bakerie Metallic Lip Whip

"Although they may not wear a ton of makeup, they do love giving their lips a touch of flair," Stardust says. "This metallic lipstick is the ideal look for your Cap bestie."

Beauty Bakerie Metallic Lip Whip, $, available at Ulta Beauty

Planters' Choice Bonsai Starter Kit – The Complete Growing Kit

"Capricorns are very patient and understand the value of putting in hard work to reach a long-term goal," Register adds. "Bonsai trees take years to grow even a little, and you have to watch them grow carefully and be sure to water, trim, and shape it perfectly to have a satisfying end result — so this is totally right up a Capricorn’s alley." Best yet, your Cap recipient doesn't even have to be a bonafide plant mom/dad to appreciate the gesture: "Even if they don’t have a green thumb or haven’t expressed interest in gardening before, a bonsai tree is a great way to subtly liven up their apartment or office."

Planters' Choice Bonsai Starter Kit – The Complete Growing Kit, $, available at Amazon

Capricorn Bath Bomb

"Capricorn is a sea-goat, which means they also love the water, says Stardust. "A bath bomb, made with essences especially for them, will help them connect to their sensitive side and help clear their energy."

LittleRubisMagicBath Capricorn Bath Bomb, $, available at Etsy

Mejuri Diamond Necklace

"Diamonds are associated with Capricorn," Stardust says. "This beautiful necklace will help your Cap BFF activate their power and divine inner energy. Also, everyone loves a little bling as a gift."

Mejuri Diamond Necklace, $, available at Mejuri

Astrology for Real Relationships by Jessica Lanyadoo

From friends to S.Os, we likely have all struggled with relationships at one point or another. "Jessica Lanyadoo’s book will help navigate relationship woes through astrology," recommends Stardust. "It’s written by a fellow Cap who may be able to have some real talk with your pal."

Jessica Lanyadoo Astrology for Real Relationships: Understanding You, Me, and How We All Get Along, $, available at Amazon

Vinebox A Wintry Mix

"If your Capricorn is a drinker, odds are, they love a glass of good wine," Jake Register (aka @jakeastrology) suggests. "Every three months, Vinebox will deliver nine different wines by the glass, and your Capricorn is sure to enjoy sampling a variety of new drinks—plus, they’ll probs be down to share some with you, of course!" (You can also gift one month if a year subscription is a bit steep.)

Vinebox A Wintry Mix, $, available at Vinebox

Slip Silk Sleep Mask

According to Stardust, there's no better gift than the gift of beauty sleep: "Buy this present for your Cap pal to remind them to take a break from taking over the world and hit the snooze button once and awhile."

Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask, $, available at Nordstrom

Going Places Mug

"Known to be workaholics, this mug is the ideal gift for your Cap bestie," Stardust says. "…they’ll feel appreciated, seen, and respected, too."

ban.do Stainless Steel Thermal Mug, $, available at ban.do

LELO Ora 3

"Now, not many people know this, but Capricorns must find a way to let go of tension everyday," Stardust reveals. "This toy pushes them to have fun either solo or with a partner."

LELO ORA 3, $, available at LELO

Matt & Nat Laptop Sleeve

"We all know that Caps are the workhorses of the zodiac," Russo says. "This laptop case is sleek — and vegan!"

Matt & Nat KEHL13 Laptop Sleeve – Grey, $, available at Matt & Nat

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette

Rose gold eyeshadow is still majorly trending, and you can't go wrong with this one. "Urban Decay’s eyeshadow palette is a classic, and a great addition to anyone’s makeup bag," Register says. "The neutral colors aren't too crazy for low-key Capricorn, so they’ll be sure to love this palette."

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette, $, available at Sephora

UO Willow Fuzzy Drawstring Teddy Jacket

"Not only is this teddy coat stylish, but it will keep your Cap friend warm during the blistering cold days of winter," says Stardust.

Urban Outfitters Willow Fuzzy Drawstring Teddy Jacket, $, available at Urban Outfitters

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