Cyber Fashion’s Best Kept Secret

In today's edition of random things we've observed after spending way too many hours "shopping" on the internet for work: the Free People site is a treasure trove of styling tricks. Seriously — the gems we've happened on are often the talk of our team Slack channel. From a perfectly executed sock-and-sandal combo to inventive suggestions for how to rock a jumpsuit (have we been doing it wrong this whole time?), the brand's online imagery doubles as a bounty of fashion-forward outfit ideas begging to be tested.

While many of us have retreated into the comforting crevices of our couches during this period of uncertainty, the concept of productivity about as foreign to us as a Friday night out, Free People has lost no time pulling out all the styling stops. They are doing the most with their already covetable selection of bohemian-chic apparel, and honestly, we just wanted to doff our proverbial hat to the FP photo studio team. Because after rotating through the same sweats and leggings in the past month, we were almost beginning to lose touch with our sartorial savoir-faire. But we see you, Free People, and we appreciate your continued effort to keep your digital window shoppers inspired, engaged, and raring to get dressed up again.

So after an enormous amount of time perusing the company's website, we've put together an analysis of sorts to shine a light on its low-key, yet hyper-detailed styling game.

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Where to even start with this ideal mélange of cozy and chic? The form-fitting shape of this ivory-hued bike short onesie has found its perfect match in an oversized cardigan of a similarly creamy shade. A flowy top layer like this balances out the clingy nature of its partner garment.

Intimately Zoe Bike Short Romper, $, available at Free People

So keep calm and romper on, even in a comfortable look that's outside of your comfort zone. This piece is designed to be worn many ways, from the window sill and beyond. It can even be your anchor item when attempting to execute oversized-hoodie-and-Birkenstock levels of styling.

Intimately Zoe Bike Short Romper, $, available at Free People

Oh, and lest you get too cozy in your bike short romper, you can always throw on a blazer, some layered necklaces, and get down to business.

FP Zoe Bike Short Romper, $, available at Free People

Make like Katie Holmes and skip all but one vital button. She picked a cardigan, Free People picked a shirt. Either way, this understated yet revealing look is saturated in '90s nostalgia — and we embrace that vibe wholeheartedly.

Free People Double Cloth Buttondown Shirt, $, available at Free People

Ok, ok — so this is something we've encountered more than once on Free People's site and it's almost starting to grow on us. The tip: wearing coveralls doesn't mean you have to actually cover it all, so set those arms free and tie the top part of the suit around your waist for a major styling moment requiring minimum effort.

Free People Gia Cord Coverall, $, available at Free People

See? Here it is again! Who's styling calling card is this? Show yourselves!

Free People Charlie Coveralls, $, available at Free People

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