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You buy plants for your house, but what about houses for your plants? Consider how much luscious foliage is breathing life into your apartment only to be left roughin’ it in that plastic container you bought it in. It’s time to play real-estate agent for your favorite green friend and find her a new worthy home within your house.

The average house plant only requires a simple container with a drainage hole and enough room for its roots to flourish — so, they’re more than easy to vamp up! Artists and retailers have taken advantage of these minimal necessities to create a bountiful range of pots that are equal parts adorable and functional. While your leafy philodendron rests in a less-than-spectacular throwaway vessel, other house plants are living their best lives sprouted in terracotta heads and shining from reasonably priced gold-plated planters. 

Ahead, discover 12 such shining homes for your best plant pals that will more than measure up to its brightening abilities. Your plant deserves more, and so do you.

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Uncommon Goods Coconut Fiber Pug Planter

A cute and tiny pug planter…but make it sustainable! This adorable planter is made from eco-friendly coconut fibers, wicker, and string. Pair this cute pug pot with a cute plant and gaze at it in adorable awe.

Shop Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods Dog Planter, $, available at Uncommon Goods

Alvida Pot

Although this planter has a lovely floral design, it’s not the best home for flowers. Instead, place your favorite succulents or any other small sprouts inside this pot for some refreshing decor. 

Shop Anthropologie

Anthropologie Alvida Pot, $, available at Anthropologie

Ceramic Vase

Why the long face? Probably because you don’t own this planter yet. 

Shop H&M

H&M Ceramic Vase, $, available at H&M


Cream Dog Ceramic Planter

This pup looks like he has a secret that we’ll never know, but we do know that he would look great on a windowsill or on your WFH desk. 

Shop Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus World Market Cream Dog Ceramic Planter, $, available at Cost Plus World Market

Disco Ball Planter

If you love your plant but feel like it just needs a little extra “pizazz” then it’s time to invest in a disco ball planter. 

Shop OriginalDiscoPlanter

OriginalDiscoPlanter Disco Ball Planter, $, available at Etsy

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