Supportive Plus-Size Sports Bras

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Nothing can ruin a good workout quite like an ill-fitting sports bra. Whether it digs in, chafes you, or just isn't supportive enough, it's uniquely distracting and frustrating — sometimes even painful. Women who wear larger bra sizes are especially affected by this plight, as the options for plus-size sports bras are seriously under-served. Many retailers only offer options up to a size DD or have limited selections for band sizes; forcing people to squeeze into wrong-sized bras, double-up on bras for extra support, or wear non-sports bras during workouts. All of this is a recipe for discomfort.

If you're living this struggle right now, don't despair. We combed through reviews and recommendations to find the best plus-sized sports bras in the game. They're so thoughtfully designed, that you'll basically forget you're even wearing them while you work out. And, that's the best endorsement a sports bra can hope for!

Welcome to Hype Machine, our hit-list of the top-reviewed products across the web — according to a crowd of die-hard shoppers. Call this your 4-star & up only club, with entry granted by our devoted-to-the-goods shop editors.

Plus-Size Sports Bras

Athleta Conscious Crop D-DD+

This nonrestrictive, soft Conscious Crop bra from Athleta is perfect for taking it easy. Whether that's with a smooth yoga flow or a nice walk around the block, this bra won't let you down.

What reviewers think: "I'm in love with these. I'm a 16-18 top (42C bra) & got all available plus colors in a 2X. I'm most excited to wear these with high-rise pants/joggers/shorts/skirts in the spring and summer! It's also supportive enough to wear during cardio. Can't wait for more colors!"

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Athleta Conscious Crop D-DD+, $, available at Athleta

Plus-Size Sports Bras

LIVI High-Impact Max-Support Sports Bra With Wicking

The LIVI is meant to keep your twins tamed and minimize bounciness. Although there is an underwire, it's padded well providing extra comfort and a huge amount of support at the same time.

What reviewers think: Padded straps and a comfort-conscious underwire make this bra a standout. One reviewer on the Lane Bryant site said: "Extremely wonderful… it's so hard to find a sports bra in a DDD that actually holds everything in place…I will be getting more."

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Lane Bryant LIVI High-Impact Max Support Sport Bra With Wicking, $, available at Lane Bryant

Plus-Size Sports Bras

SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra

This SheFit bra is not named "Ultimate" for just any reason. It does the job (holding up boobies) really well. The days of doubling up on bras for support are over. With this SheFit, you have absolute control over your fit and level of support through its fully adjustable design.

What reviewers think: "I have gone from having to wear a regular bra with an underwire and a sports bra on top of that to just wearing my SHEFIT!" one person on the site wrote.

Other fans love that the bras are true to size, and come in a range of fits — from 29-inch busts to 55-inch busts.

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SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra, $, available at SheFit

Plus-Size Sports Bras

Curvy Couture Plus-Size Ultimate Fit Underwire Sport Bra

This curvy-friendly bra is safe for high-impact activities thanks to the no-bounce cups. It also has wide straps and fast moisture wicking too.

What reviewers think: People like this bra because of its no-bounce cups, and wide range of sizing (going up to 44H). As one Amazon reviewer wrote, simply, "Finally. A plus size bra with support."

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Curvy Couture Curvy Couture Women's Plus-Size Ultimate Fit Underwire Sport Bra, $, available at Amazon

Plus-Size Sports Bras

Goddess Mid-Impact Wire-Free Sports Bra

Take on mid-impact activities like hiking or cycling in this bra. The soft underband minimizes rubbing and irritation, so you can get your sweat on without a worry in sight!

What reviewers think: "I was a bit nervous at first about the straps causing too much pressure on my shoulders. But I have to say this bra is pretty great (both support-wise and the way it looks)," wrote one reviewer.

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Bare Necessities Mid-Impact Wire-Free Sports Bra, $, available at Bare Necessities

Plus-Size Sports Bras

Enell Full-Coverage High-Impact Sports Bra

The Enell Bra provides ideal comfort with high-impact activities in mind. The brand's signature hook-and-eye closure stabilizes the band. Wearing this bra also helps with improving your day-to-day posture.

What reviewers think: "Have been using these for years and have found nothing better!" one Amazon reviewer wrote. "The price is high, but probably reflects the work that goes into making them and the fact that they can last for a long time if looked after. I bought my first one many years ago when I was riding and training horses and having a larger bust, [my breasts] can be uncomfortable and bouncy in most bras, but this is so different! Very structured."

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Enell ENELL, Racer, Women's Full Coverage Racerback Sports Bra, $, available at Amazon

Plus-Size Sports Bras

Elomi Plus-Size Energise Underwire Sport Bra

This ultra-supportive sports bra will have you jumping through hoops of fire while keeping your boobs held in. The moveable J-hook allows you to convert the bra to a racerback style when desired. To top that off that non-compressive design promotes separation to avoid uni-boob.

What reviewers think: "The bra itself is well-made, [with] cushion on the wire and [a] high rise so if you're full on top there isn't a lot of jiggle when you move."

"I am a 34JJ. I ordered a 34J, one cup size down. My personal trainer has us jogging. (lol working my way up to running! Lord help me.) But I was having too many issues with bouncing, jiggling, and just plain too much movement. The Elomi Women's Energise Sports Bra has eliminated up to 95% of the movement. When you are a double J you really can't get better than that."

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Elomi Elomi Women's Plus-Size Energise Underwire Sport Bra, $, available at Amazon

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