A Guide To Plus-Size Brands

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Hi, I'm Chichi — the newest associate writer on Refinery29's Shopping team. As a big gal, I have a keen interest in inclusive fashion and fat access to popular trends. Full disclosure: my relationship with fashion wasn't always a positive one; it's resembled a roller coaster full of high highs and low lows. Back when I was a kid, I reveled in the pages of teen magazines while happily experimenting with my personal style. In college, I passionately entrenched myself in a fashion minor. But, as I grew older, it became harder and harder to find trendy pieces that fit my larger body and feet.

During this time, Forever 21 Plus was one of the few retailers with inclusively-sized styles that I could rely on — everything else was just out of reach. I started to feel apathy for the labels whose limited-size collections I once found aspirational; why should I care about them when they don't care about people like me? A couple of years ago I decided to unfollow brands that don't offer inclusive-size options and seek out those that actually cater to my body. And, in doing so, I discovered a vibrant community of plus retailers and brands that make me feel seen and supported in the fashion space — and I've lined up each of those right here. From retro-inspired garb to sustainable fabrics and small local business excellence, I've got something for every fat person out there! So keep on scrolling to enter plus-fashion heaven.

I'll continue to update this list, so be sure to check back as often as you'd like — or, better yet, share your favorite plus places to shop in the comments below.

Plus-Size Brands


Best For: Retro-Inspired Pieces
Size Range: 00-28, XXS-4X

If you are like me and love the drama that is ~existence~ then you revel in your various phases. ModCloth is all about making your day-to-day the period piece of your dreams. Whether you want to take it all the way back to the big skirts of the 50s or throw up a cute peace sign with the feels of the 70s — ModCloth's got you covered.

In particular, I really appreciate the authentic sensibilities it keeps in mind when bringing to life a vibe from the past. From cool plaids to flare overalls to slick green faux-leather pants this retailer offers a range. ModCloth is the garb adorned love shack where we can get our fashion life together.

Shop ModCloth

ModCloth ModCloth x Princess Highway Tiered Babydoll Dress, $, available at ModCloth

Plus-Size Brands


Warp + Weft

Best For: Sustainable Denim & Pants 
Size Range: 00-24, XS-3XL

When I discovered Warp + Weft, I might have shed a few tears. It's a cool sustainable denim start-up that offered plus sizes at the start of their brand. For fat folk that loves the look of Everlane denim, but can't fit into their incredibly limited sizes – Warp + Weft is for you.

Each garment created has a sustainability report break down which further explains what resources and thoughtfulness went into creating each piece.  I own a different jumpsuit than the one linked here, but I can personally attest to the quality and comfiness that WW offers!

Shop Warp + Weft

Warp + Weft ICN PLUS – WIDE LEG 26", $, available at Warp + Weft

Plus-Size Brands


Best For: Discounted Trendy Styles  
Size Range: 00-30

ASOS is the ultimate aggregator of all things fashionable and trendy. It keeps you at the forefront and allows plus people the range and space to experiment at a similar level to our straight-sized counterparts.

If there is some cool fashion movement or trendy silhouette that you can't find anywhere else, then I'd check here. 


Native Youth Plus Very wide leg pants in zebra print, $, available at ASOS

Plus-Size Brands


Best For: High-Quality Artsy Pieces
Size Range: XS-5XL

If there was one designer that you should know about, it's Wray. I hate to pick favorites, but Wray makes it hard not to fangirl every piece in their catalog. Bonus: Just about every garment is made in every size offered. What a novel concept!  This brand focuses on the artistic and structural integrity of a garment. Each of Wray's lovely hand-painted prints come to life in every release without fail. It's truly like donning wearable art.

Plus-size people want to wear the exact same things as their Straight Sized counterparts and Wray does just that. I'm not crying you are! If you want the latest styles, then check out their website — but I'd also recommend checking out Cara Cara's discounted pieces from past seasons.

Shop Wray

Wray Sally Dress – Taxicab Floral, $, available at Wray

Plus-Size Brands


Best For: Body-Con Pieces & Swimsuits
Size Range: S-5XL

This black-owned retailer focuses on killer sets and swimsuits that are to die for. It's kind of like Fashionova and Pretty Little Thing if they had a more inclusive-sized baby. If you are all about the super femme, sexy looks, this is the place for you.  

Shop Rebdolls

Rebdolls Rebdolls "Long Time Coming" Wrap Crop Top & Wide Leg Pant Set, $, available at Rebdolls

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