Apple iPhone 4S problems are cropping up

iPhone 3 antenna - no not again!
iPhone 3 antenna - no not again!
Has antenna-gate returned?

When you sell 4 million phones in one week there are bound to be problems.
One unhappy Future Shop customer posted this on Facebook today. “So i got the new iphone4s and its terrible!!! I don’t know what to do.

“I got it home and it didn’t work here in my house. I called Telus and they told me to go back to future shop. Future shop said since i used my phone over 15 mins I had to deal with Apple. And Apple today sent me to town to get a new sim card and I took my phone home and it doesn’t work again. Then like 5 mins ago I was able to make a phone call and now its back to broke!!! What the frig do I do now?”

Amazing that Apple didn’t simply replace the phone.
Seems like there are more than a few problems with registration, Siri not working, Siri not recognizing accents, slow data speeds, poor battery life, apps that lock up, and subpar screens.
Check out his article on Huffinton Post Users’ 8 Biggest Problems With Apple’s iPhone 4S

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