Innovations Pros & Cons of Solar Panels

Solar panels are devices invented to absorb the sun rays, which are the source of the energy for heating or creating electricity. They are mounted on roofs at an angle where they can face the sun. 

Solar energy is becoming a crucial part of the modern world and just as gamers check Guts​ casino review ​in order to stay updated with the​ goodies of the casino world, there are various things that should be considered before the installation of a solar panel. Below are its advantages and disadvantages.


1.Clean source of energy

There is no contamination in solar panels except the one that happens when they are being manufactured, getting transported and in the process of installation. This implies that once a solar panel has been installed, it will not havethe negative impact on the atmosphere.

2.Sustainable and renewable

You can never run out of solar energy because it is renewable. Other sources of energy like fossil fuel expires with time, but solar energy will always be available as long as there is sun.

Under sustainability, a person is able to meet present needs without compromising the needs of future generations. According to NASA, the sun will still be there for billions of years to come and it can never be over-consumed.

3.Powers remote places

Solar energy is able to power remote places, which are not connected to electricity. A good example of this is in space where highly productive solar cells control satellites. 

4.Little maintenance

Solar panels need little maintenance since they do not involve moving parts. They can also last for like twenty to twenty five years. They only need a small space for residential use and maintaining them entails cleaning them a few times each year.


1. Initial cost

The solar panel installation cost is extremely high. For instance, the best solar cell can be more than 1,000 dollars and some homes might need more than one.

2. Produces power only during the day

Solar energy produces power at daytime only when there is sun. This simply means that for like half the day you will not have energy in your home. Also, the weather and climate patterns of where you live affects how the solar panel works.

3.Costly storage

Solar energy is also used to power up batteries at home or at a working place so that in the evening you can still have power. The batteries are huge and heavy. You will have to look for a place to store them and you must replace them occasionally. All of this will add up to the cost.

4. Effectiveness of solar cells

When there is pollution, solar cells effectiveness gets affected. This is a great disadvantage to companies or industries that want to introduce solar energy in places that are highly polluted, for instance, cities and highly populated areas.


Those are some of the pros and cons of solar energy. You can use the energy derived for cooking, heating your home or powering your batteries. You can power all types of batteries even those that you use to play video games.

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