Ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Ivee Voice Activated Alarm ClockDo you find it troublesome every morning to send your alarm clock to the snooze mode? Feel like yelling at it for breaking the bond between you and your bed? Think it done! The new Ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock is a unique invention with the most amazing functions, which not only put you to sleep and wake you up every morning, but comes with a lotof features that users find really amazing and appealing.

If you are a gadget and gizmo freak and your life relies completely on the gadgets that surround you, it is definitely hard to live without them. There are many, in fact millions of us who wake up every morning with the aid of our regular cell phones. Some, however like to put in individual commands into their cell phones, rather smart phones, in order to wake up every morning with the help of the alarm. There are very few gadgets and smart phones that are actually made in accordance with voice activation. However, the Ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock is an amazing invention with the most spectacular features.

The Ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock is for all those who are still a fan of waking up in the morning by regular alarm clocks instead of Smart phones or cell phones. The Ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock is such a gadget that not only wakes you up according to your setting of your timer, but also puts you to sleep with a collection of some very rhythmic and relaxing sleep sounds that are very natural too. The basic and main feature of this gadget, the Ivee VoiceA ctivated Alarm Clock is that you do not have to punch or hit the alarm clock like you are used to before the Ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock. Every time it wakes you up; instead this very obedient little gadget will listen to your voice, rather you yelling and get itself into the snooze mode.

There are many additional features to this new gadget called the Ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock which include a really cool and built-in FM radio, a 5 inches LED display screen and a timer. The sleep sounds are almost 12 in number which are sure to put you to sleep at night with the most soothing tones. The Ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock responds to 30 voice commands which is quite a unique feature in the world of alarm clock related gadgets.

To top it all, it is a very sleek and stylish looking alarm clock, different from the regular simple or ugly ones. The Ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock is fashionable and matches any bedroom theme as it has the most neutral colors. The Ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock does not occupy much space too and you can easily put it on your side table along with as many things as you want.

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