Droid R2D2 the smartphone to own

This article was last updated on May 19, 2022

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 Verizon starts sign-up for limited edition and very special Droid R2D2 smartphone

When Verizon licensed the Droid name from Lucasfilms (Star Wars) you knew they had to have a Star Wars version of the phone. The Droid R2D2 is coming in September.

Verizon is leaking more information today in Orlando but a preview shot of the Droid R2D2 phone follows the story break. You can sign up for pricing and availability on this site.
Who doesn’t like R2D2, the little robot who was helpful, cheerful and full of blips and beeps.

The Droid R2D2 smartphone won’t be able to project holographs of Princess Leia. We don’t know what it will be able to do but I’ll bet it sells like hotcakes.

Signing up is like sending an inter-stellar mission. You give them your email and zip and hope for the best. Or you can follow the Droid R2D2 on Twitter, something Luke Skywalker could have used.
“In Addition to the phone you will also get exclusive: Empire Wallpapers, Star Wars Sounds, Exclusive Video, Jedi Training, Movie Stills, Original Artwork, Apps and Widgets.
If your near Orlando there will be a special edition R2-D2 Motorola DROID 2 on show at the Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, Fla.” being held today.GeekyGadgets
The Droid 2 goes on sale today, Thursday August 12th at $199 under contract with Verizon. The Droid R2D2 is expected to ship in September with no pricing announced. The Droid R2D2 is said to be a limited edition.

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