You Can’t Rely on Bing

Bing Search is late with the news but graphically rich.
The Bing search engine is late with the news compared to Google or Yahoo

By Stephen Pate – Microsoft Windows 8.1 Bing is not the best search engine for the latest results. Bing gives you almost the latest results.  Google and Yahoo are better sources for the newest stories.

As a news source Bing is not reliable. If you want answers to questions, the results are no better. Google beats Bing every time as the go-to search engine.   With all their investments in Bing, can’t Microsoft get it right.

This morning, I wanted to read the latest stories about the resignation of Alberta Premier Alison Redford. She has been in trouble for a week in an expense scandal. Bing’s best result is a story from 2 days ago Alison Redford plagued by expense questions as party looks to recover (feature image).

The same search on Google gave me the latest story from 4 hours ago Alison Redford resigns as Alberta premier.  What percentage of internet users want the news from 2 days ago? Probably not very many.


Google search gives the latest stories compared with Bing which is 2 days late

Google has updated their look to include more graphics recently to match the visually more appealing look of Bing trying to match Bing’s more visual appeal.

The Bing search results are embarrassingly old on computer topics. When I search for Windows 8.1 or Office 365 error cords, Bing returns results that are 2 to 3 years old.  On an Office 365 search, I got results that apply to Office 2007 which is not helpful. I am not quite sure how Microsoft’s search engine accomplishes that since the Office 365 is about a year old.

Pretty does not cut it. People want the right answer not an answer that is graphically rich. However, if I am searching for images or videos Bing does help with its rich previews and the Bing homepage with its mini-movies is visually stunning, if not up-to-date.

Bing home page

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By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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