Microsoft Will Ship Office Touch For Android

Windows touch version expected later in 2015

By Stephen Pate – The rumour is just in from Mary Joe Foley of ZDNet – the Android touch version of Microsoft Office will ship ahead of the Windows 8.1 version.

A slap in the face to loyal Windows 8.1 users? No, it’s just Microsoft going where the most users are.

Microsoft Office Touch for Apple iPad.

The number of people using Office on a Surface or other touch Windows computers is dwarfed by the almost 1 billion Android users.  Microsoft has less than 5% of the tablet market.

If Microsoft wants to grow the Office business and keep Google out of the Office market they have to jump. And soon.

Microsoft Office for iPad is offered free. In the first week of release 12 million copies of app were downloaded from the App Store. Users have to buy a separate Office 365 license to use most features, including saving documents to the OneDrive cloud.

This is the new Microsoft, driving customers for its products on every platform and not just Windows.  Microsoft Office – Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint – is the most popular office productivity software in the world.

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By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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