Lumia 930 Ships With Free Wireless Charger

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Can you spot the mistake in the ad?

By Stephen Pate – Get the point of the ad? Microsoft Nokia is releasing the new 5&Prime flagship Lumia 930 today with a free Qi wireless charger.

Of course, there is more to like about the Lumia 930 than wireless charging, which has been a feature of high-end Lumia smartphones for a while.

The Nokia Lumia 930 replaces the Lumia 920/925 phones with a new 5&Prime screen, Windows 8.1, Snapdragon 800 quad processor and 20 MP camera.

The Lumia 930 is a departure for Nokia with an aluminum frame – like an iPhone get it? – versus the all polycarbonate Nokia standard case.  The 930 comes in 5 colors including the new green. Personally, I think reviewers obsess over cases when most people dress their phones up with a cover.

Check out the video for more details on the Lumia 930 features.

The 930 is available today in the UK and Europe with some aggressive unlocked pricing – about $660 Canadian with a bundle of $200 goodies like the free wireless charger and Nokia Bluetooth Mini Speaker which are shown in the featured image at the top of the story. (until July 31, 2014)

I find the Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate a priceless accessory except the “Fat Boy” charger. The phone slips of the pillow and alignment is critical to getting a good charge. I took the pillow off. Otherwise, it’s so convenient just to drop the phone on the charger without plugging in.

The Microsoft Lumia 930 is not scheduled for release in North America. The phone is very similar to the Verizon Nokia Lumia Icon, which is locked to that carrier. Some comments say the Verizon is actually open to being carrier switched.

  Lumia 930 Lumia Icon
Display 5&Prime 5&Prime
Resolution 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
Camera 20 MP 20 MP
Processor Snapdragon 800 Snapdragon 800
Type Quad-core Quad-core
Speed 2.2 GHz 2.2 GHz

Engadget reviewed the Icon in March before the Windows 8.1/Cyan update and said “As of this writing, the Lumia Icon is the best Windows Phone device.” That’s like damming with faint praise but since then Windows 8.1 with Cyan has moved many reviewers to admit Windows Phone is the equal of Android and Apple’s iPhone operating system.

PC Mag generally like the Nokia Lumia Icon. “The Nokia Lumia Icon combines all the best parts of Windows Phones past into one beautifully crafted package.”

For people who use Windows, a Windows Phone has the advantage of total integration into the Windows ecosystem.

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By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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