iTunes 11.4 Available

Within hours of the iPhone 6 announcement, Apple released iTunes 11.4 supporting the new devices and IOS 8

By Stephen Pate – iTunes gets an update that includes support for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus along with iOS 8 support.

Both the OS X and Windows clients are available now.

The update is not visibly different from 11.3.

iTunes 12

A big change in the iTunes is planned for the Version 12 release expected in October.

iTunes 12 Store

iTunes is still the best software to organize and sync your music and videos with the iPhone and iPad. Unlike Google Play and Xbox Music, iTunes is a closed curated music system. It only recognizes music purchased from the iTunes store or music you rip or import into the iTunes Library. That being said, iTunes works better than Android and Windows music libraries.

iTunes 12 introduces a new design, the ability to share purchases with your family, and improvements that make organizing your library easier.

Apple, upon releasing the beta of 12, said the new iTunes had a  “streamlined design. iTunes now has a flatter new look and simplified design that makes browsing your library easier and more enjoyable.”

iTunes 12 will allow Family Sharing. “Share purchases from iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store with up to six people in your family – without sharing accounts.”

iTunes 12 will have improved Playlists. “You can now see your full library and playlists side by side, making it even easier to add your favorite songs to playlists.”

iTunes 12

The Info Window has been redesigned. “The Get Info window has been completely redesigned featuring a clean look that displays the most useful information about your media.”

Apple does not say if they have completed the iTunes transition to full 64-bit software.  Only the installer is 64-bit. The code itself is 32-bit which might cause the next problem.

They also don’t say if the memory leak in iTunes 11 has been fixed.  With the Windows version of iTunes, it will lock up during long editing sessions since it does not free up memory from earlier tasks. The solution is to stop and restart iTunes every hour or so if you are editing the Library.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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