Jade Charme and the Sword of Tippu Sultan Week 2

Your flight in First Class is very comfortable on India Royal Air. You’ve got an overnight flight, which will make the time go very quickly. Dinner on board is absolutely delicious and there’s a great movie. Grace sent along some extra information about the history of Tippu Sultan and how the sword came in to the possession of the family of the Maharaja. Tippu Sultan was often portrayed as a tyrant by some accounts, but in reality he was very generous to his servants and treated all with the same respect. He was also a very generous ruler. Most of the accounts of overbearing violence are unfounded. Perhaps this is how the myth concerning the “Curse of Tippu Sultan”, began. And, moreover, the same myth that anyone who possesses the great Sword of Tippu Sultan will possess not only his power from the grave, but political power over enemies. This all makes for fine reading that makes you very sleepy as you drop off to sleep with the dossier falling to the floor and you falling asleep with your earphones on while the on-flight is movie still playing.

The Maharajah’s chauffeur is waiting for you when you de-board from the flight and it’s a truly lovely ride in the Maharajah’s royal car. You are greeted very warmly by the Maharaja and his wife the Maharani, who prefer to be called Uncle Hari and Aunt Rani, as they knew your father so many years before. You get to hear many stories about your father. You had no idea that many years ago, when a tiger went rogue harming the villagers, he accompanied the Maharaja on a trapping expedition to bag the tiger so it could be sent to a preserve. Pictures of the safari with the bagged tiger hang on one of the walls in the salon.

You are taken right after dinner to see the sword. It is breathtaking beautiful. Captivating, in fact. During dessert, the Maharaja fills you in on some of the questions that you have. You ask him if there has ever been an attempt to steal the sword. He replies that all of the servants and guards and their parents before them, have been with the palace for as long as the palace has existed, since the time of Tippu Sultan, himself. None of them would need to steal it as they have always been paid so generously that they all have more money than they would ever be able to spend. All have lived for generations in very lavish homes on the royal grounds and even have cars available to them should they wish to travel. There is no one there who would have need of stealing it and no new servants outside of these families has ever been hired.

You are convinced that no one in the palace will try to interfere with you taking it to London, and you’ve been told that the Maharajah’s own personal body guard will accompany you right onto the plane and into First Class. There is special governmental permission for him to do so and for the sword to remain with you rather than going into baggage. In this way, you do not have to worry about any difficulties getting to the airport and boarding the plane.

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