Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Episode – 11 

“Gracie, my name is Lakshmi, and I have been watching you for quite some time. You are an exceptional girl and you are exactly what we have been needing in YogaLand for a long time. To be honest, Gracie, you have been connected to YogaLand for all-time. You just had to be ready for it. You think that there is no Yoga class going on but look again”. With that, Lakshmi moved her hand through the air with the deft of a magician as more pink glitter sprinkled forth and swirled about in a circle revealing a large class of people all doing Yoga on pink mats. They appeared to be in the studio, and yet somehow distant. Gracie started to feel faint from all the excitement but just at that moment, Das appeared with a small pink tray which revealed pink dragonfly cookies and strawberry flavored milk. It revived her but it didn’t for a single second relieve the amazement that she was feeling, right here in Plainville, which until last week had been gray on gray drab. Muriel went on to tell her that what she was seeing was a glimpse into YogaLand and that Gracie would soon learn how to get there and so much more. “For now, I’m just going to teach you how to properly sit in a simply cross legged position, which is called Sukhasana. Many people are able to sit on the floor with their legs crossed, but this is not true Yoga. What I need to tell you Gracie, and this is most important, is that each of the poses, when performed perfectly has the ability to unlock the portals that gain entry to YogaLand. Now, what you must understand about YogaLand is that in it, there is no time as you know it here and in YogaLand, everything is pink and perfect. Meaning that anything can be fixed, solved, changed for the better and time has no limit so you can access the past, present and future.”

Sukhasana means the Pose of the Tailor. It is derived from the sitting pose that the sewers or tailors of ancient India sat in when working their craft. To perform this pose perfectly, sit with both legs stretched out in front. Now reach down for your left foot and fold it in close to the bottom of your torso on the floor. Now reach down for your right foot and fold it in so that the right foot is placed on top of the left foot and the ankles are crossed. Now make sure you curve the lower portion of your spine forward so that your spine has a natural S curse. Place your hand palms upward on your knees with the thumb and first finger making a circle into a Mudra which is called, Jnana Mudra. This mudra is very powerful because increases your awareness and your intuition. Each of the outstretched finger represents an aspect of nature known as a Guna. The middle finger represents Satwa or that which is pure, the ring finger, Rajas or that which is more earthly and the little finger, Tamas, which refers to those things that are of an impure nature. The circles fingers represent the unending cycle of man connected with the divine which rises about the conflicting qualities of this world. So, Gracie, sitting in Sukhasana with your spine straight, yet relaxed and hold the hands in the Jhana Mudra helps one overcome physical difficulties and challenges in the everyday life. Hold the pose for a few minutes just staying concentrated on your breathing, which should be through your nostrils and just settle in to the connection to YogaLand”.

Gracie did as she was told. A wonderful feeling of calm came over her. She felt like she was actually lifting off of the ground. At one point she opened her eyes to find out that she WAS floating a few inches off the ground, but dismissed this thought as being her imagination. When she finally opened her eyes, she found herself seated quite by herself. Lakshmi or Muriel or whoever or whatever she was had left. No one was there except Musika, now nibbling on the leftover crumbs from the Dragonfly cookies. “Let’s go home, Gracie, I’m starving”. Gracie rubber her eyes, got up, folder her Yoga mat back up to the size of a dollar (amazing and useful trick, that!), popped it back into her hip pocket and headed for home. Did she dare tell her mother about this adventure?

To be continued . . . !

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Author, Speaker and Visionary, Acharya Sri Khadi Madama is the recipient of the Jewel of India Award, in New Delhi in 2009. You may visit her website at

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