Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Episode – 21

It was amazing how fast the soft pink mass of sherbet began to diminish, by the delighted passengers who were enjoying the new flavor they had not ever tasted. When the sun would come up in the morning, it would no doubt dissolve the rest of it into the water and Titanic would safely make its way. As Gracie finished the last spoonful of her own sherbet, she started to feel a bit woozy, and thought she heard a voice calling to her from a place that was far away. She felt very drowsy and for a single instant, closed her eyes. With a jolt, she opened her eyes and as her vision cleared again, she realized that the librarian was standing next to her desk saying “Wake up, Gracie, we’re about to close the library in a few minutes. You must have fallen asleep. As soon as you gather up your notes, just bring the books back to me and I’ll put them away”. She was always helpful, nice and polite, Gracie thought to herself. As she looked down at the open book about Titanic she truly was shocked. It was the same book that she had started to read when she first arrived, except for one very big detail that Gracie could not believe. For, right in front of her eyes was a picture of Titanic, in the news, after an encounter with an iceberg that was merely a soft mass of snowy ice. The picture showed the passengers, next morning, reaching over the deck to scoop bowls of it to flavor with sugar and other flavorings. Gracie read on. It seems that because the arctic waters were unusually warm that year, the icebergs were just big soft ice floes that were quite harmless, which is what the Captain had predicted. Gracie was still stunned as moments later, Musika scurried up onto the desk and then onto her shoulder. “I told you that in Yoga*Land everything always turns out perfect”, the little creature said. “You can’t completely change historical events, but you can make them turn out differently. You just simply used your Yoga Bling, your creativity, your courage and your connection to the one sustaining source of all that is beyond time itself”. Gracie, quietly gathered up her notes, packed them into her backpack and brought the books back up to the librarian who smiled and said thank you. Gracie felt like Dorothy when she finally realized that she wasn’t in Kansas anymore. She also felt like Dorothy when Dorothy arrived in the Emerald City and everything was green. Gracie’s world had gone from gray drab to pink and she wondered what other surprises were in store. Right now, however, she had a real problem. She’d have to rewrite Titanic, but leave out her Pink Adventure. After all, who but the inhabitants of Yoga*Land would ever believe a story like this?

To be continued . . . !

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