Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Episode – 38

She wanted to ask Das about the best way to earn money to get in to see the ballet. She wanted to know if he knew of any jobs she could do to earn the money herself because she knew that her mother was already working so hard to keep them going. Gracie desparately wanted to go to the ballet, especially this one. She dreamed all of her teenage life to be able to go to a good ballet school so that she could one day be a professional ballerina and although she would not be able to do that now, if she could just attend the performance, it would be a momentary dream come true. Das took off his pink turban and scratched his head for a monent to think. When he did, thousands of tiny flecks of pink glitter fell from the turban all over Gracie and her mat. She was used to it by now. It reminded her of a time when she was little when her father had taken her and her mother on a day trip, to see the cherry blossom trees in full bloom. Just before they left, a breeze came up and caused thousands of cherry blossoms to rain down on them. It was beautiful and had a kind of magic feel to it. Gracie’s father told her that it was magic. Her thoughts were brought back immediately by Das’ voice reminding her not to worry about the tickets, that something would turn up. She thanked him and he bade her goodbye, strangely saluting her as if he was in the military and leaving her on the X17 Deluxe Yoga mat. All of a sudden it’s running lights lit up and Gracie found her self once again flying through air, down the pink time tunnel to Yoga*Land and landing right smack dab in the middle of her own living room in her pink cottage. When she started to open her eyes, she thought that something was seriously wrong with her vision because all she could see was a huge pink fluffy blob of fur on the biggest rabbit she had ever seen in her life. He was sitting on a big pillow puff of pinkish tinted grass that floated a couple of feet off of the ground and he was eating an enormous coral-pink colored carrot. “Hello young Gracie, I’m Samsanga Raja, King of all the rabbits and hares and I’ve come to teach you the wonders of my own special pose, Samsangasana” he said in a voice that had a bit of a southern twang to it. “NamasteJi” Gracie replied. “You don’t sound like the others that I’ve met. If you don’t mind me saying, you sound like you are from the south.” “I am from the south, as far south as you can get, my dear, because after all we rabbits do like to burrow underground, you know, and that is in a southernly direction. We brought you here to Yoga*Land for your next lesson because there will be a great meeting of all the divine beings tomorrow and we’ll all be getting ready for it. We hope you don’t mind”. “No, not at all” Gracie replied. She was staring at the humongous pink fluffy creature who wore a crown on his head that kept slip-sloping down his forehead. “Well then, my dear, let’s get on. Please take your place on the X17 Deluxe”. Gracie stood on her Yoga mat and once again went through the respectful motions that she was taught. She then sat back down to listen carefully to her new teacher. Samsanga Raja explained, “The Rabbit or Hare pose, known in Sanskrit as Samsangasana, is one of those little unassuming poses that seems so simple and yet so much is going on. There are many aspects of it that, although subtle, to which one must pay very close attention. Take, for example, the way that one opens the energy of the pose by first sitting perfectly in the Vajra or Diamond pose, which you have already learned. Next, breathe in slowly and reverently taking in the sacred breath of the Universal Energy of the Great Goodness-the Prana or lifeforce, while reaching outward with the arms and while exhaling, circling the arms outward, upward, palms together and bringing them down the center line of the body tapping lightly the One Thousand Lotus Center at the top of the head, then to the center of the forehead, the to finish in the Pronam or Reverent Pose at the Heart Center. This is very important, Gracie, because you are working with very powerful points that will open up even more vistas of knowledge for you, creating a direct line of access to information that we, here, in Yoga*Land can send to you. Think of these points as tiny invisible light and energy transistors in the body that are lit up when lightly tapped and which send out a beacon to Yoga*Land.

To be continued . . . !

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